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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Birthday Girl Krystal Fernandez, Van Earl Wrong, Tony Bruno
If I heard correctly on the radio, today (November 11) is Krystal Fernandez's birthday. Naturally, a year of birth has not (to my knowledge) been publicly stated.

According to WDAE-FAN, the Morning Extravaganza has a new publicity photo. (The new guy, Van Earl Wright, is on the right. Andrew Siciliano is on the left.)

Meanwhile, just about everyone in the ether is criticizing Van Earl Wrong. Here's a rare voice that says that Tony Bruno was not the Second Coming:

Subject: Re: Bruno vs Van Earl Wrong [re: Burky]
Posted by: Big_E_Rat
Posts: 3
Status: Offline
Posted on: 10/27/04 01:09 PM

> Wouldn't it be great if either Sporting News Radio or ESPN
> hired Tony and went head to head with The Morning Joke with
> Van Earl Wrong!!!

As good as Tony Bruno's show was I came to find myself channel surfing. You see, The Tony Bruno Spectacular became nothing but commercials and sound bites with a little talk radio entertainment every once in awhile. Check it out. I think you will find that the commercial time per hour had increased by at least 75% in the last year or so. And they were going crazy with the sound bites. It became a National Outrage!

here was hardly any Tony Bruno to listen to anymore.

This thread was followed by another post indicating Fernandez & Siciliano vs. Wright has popped up again:

Subject: "The Exorcist" theme [re: kdawn]
Posted by: nate
Posts: 106
Status: Offline
Posted on: 10/29/04 06:57 AM

As a former avid Bruno listener, once in a while I will tune in to hear if the show has gotten any better.

Today the Exorcist theme was playing in the background and one of the three said "Why is this playing?" Krystal responded with "This show needs an exorcism." Andrew and Morales agreed with some sarcasm mixed in and VEW sounded completely clueless. Pretty funny...in a very sad way.

Well, back to NPR until Bruno lands somewhere.

As far as I know, Tony Bruno hasn't landed, but he makes pit stops at the Gary Radnich show on KNBR. Audio (Windows Media Player) is available here.

Krystal Fernandez picture links. Hope that helps.

It has a high resolution picture of the three musketeers. (Did another radio station quit carrying them?)
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