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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Before BIKLP
I'm not one of those who believes that Van Earl Wright is the death of all radio. In fact, his admittedly clueless character has actually contributed a new dynamic to the show.

This morning I was flipping the dial and heard a little bit of Van Earl, Andrew Siciliano, and Krystal Fernandez. If you've never heard this show, you should know that Andrew Siciliano is a fount of all knowledge (Bloose & Starfish, are you listening?) on things sports-related and non-sports related. Back in the Tony Bruno era, Siciliano's statements were often greeted with a sound bite of Rocky the Squirrel saying, "Thank you, Mr. Know It All!" Van Earl Wright is definitely NOT a fount of all knowledge.

For example, the Morning Extravaganza was covering the Gary Sheffield story. If you're not familiar with it, here's a quote:

A self-proclaimed minister tried to blackmail Gary Sheffield over alleged threesome sex tapes featuring the Yankee slugger's gospel-singer wife, another woman and R&B star R. Kelly, the player's rep and sources said yesterday.

Rufus Williams, the outfielder's business agent, revealed stunning details of the reputed plot to shake down his client for at least $20,000 to keep the raunchy tapes from surfacing and embarrassing the devoutly religious Sheffields.

The alleged footage of Sheffield's 28-year-old wife, DeLeon, Kelly, 36, and the unidentified other woman was said to have been made more than 10 years ago.

Do the math. 28 years old today, more than 10 years ago, R. Kelly. You know where this is going, don't you? Van Earl didn't, stating that he's unfamiliar with R. Kelly, other than knowing that he's a musician.

Frivolity ensued.

OK, so maybe this is a generational thing - Van Earl Wright is considerably older than Andrew Siciliano or Krystal Fernandez. However, Siciliano subsequently discussed Mothra, and Van Earl didn't know who that was, either.

Speaking of age, I then flipped to KBIG and heard a bit of Charlie Tuna. There was a contest bit where the caller had to guess who was older - Charlie Tuna, or the wheel. The caller guessed Charlie Tuna. Granted, she was thinking of "Wheel of Fortune."

Frivolity ensued again.

Krystal Fernandez picture links. Hope that helps.

Incidentally, BIKLP has made my work life much easier. Perhaps I'll write about it some day. I don't think I'd be releasing confidential information if I did.
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