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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Warning - There Are Multiple Steve Roccos
There is intense media interest in the Steve Rocco who, without campaigning, won a board position in the Orange Unified School District. Based on minimal research, I have concluded that the following Steve Rocco is NOT the one who hangs out at the 7 Eleven:

Prophet Rocco has been saved for 28 years. In that time he has pastored in 4 different churches before starting a translocal prophetic ministry. He has a bachelors degree in religion, a masters in divinity, and a doctorate degree in ministry....

He resides in Connecticut and has great anticipation in the Spirit to the next great move of God in America having its birth in New England, the gateway to the nation.

I also suspect that this Steve Rocco is not the one:

Cheapest Man Alive "Steve tiny Rocco"
And a Steelers fan

First of all, this bum is a huge Pittsburgh fan and always disrespects Philly. Three years ago, I won $150 off him on wagering that the Flyers would beat the Penguins, then he doubled it up on who would go farther in the playoffs. And everybody knows who won those bets. He is so cheap that when the birds fly over his house, they go "Cheap Cheap." Please email him and call him a cheap bastard. Click on the blue email and get on him....His name is Steve and I am embarrassed to say that he was my roommate from college.

I don't think it's this guy either. But then again, this Steve Rocco sounds a little...uh...eccentric himself:

The Story of World Industries (excerpted from The Concrete Wave, by Michael Brooke By: Steve Rocco The Beginnings When I was about 11, my brother Pat got a skateboard for his birthday. My dad got me one also. There was a curb about 18 inches high near our house. We would spend hours just trying to ride off of it. The First Sponsor There was this guy, Jim Drake, who lived near me. His brother owned Tunnel and he just started giving me free stuff. At first I was the worst guy on the team, sort of like a mascot. I wound up on Powell, but I only rode for them for about a month, then Sims offered me a Pro Model in 1979. This was the first freestyle pro model. The Problems and the Solution In the early 1980’s, Vision took over Sims and it was all downhill. Brad [Dorfman] treated us like bastard stepchildren while Vision got all the glory. I was very rebellious and in 1987 Brad kicked me off the team. I was living on Natas Kaupas’ kitchen floor at the time. I vividly remember having dinner with Natas and Skip Engblom [of Santa Monica Airlines] at a Mexican restaurant. I was 27, with no sponsor. I thought my life in skateboarding was over. I would have to go back to work for my dad in the dry cleaning store. Skip told me not to worry. The next morning he took me to the woodshop and told me if I bought 500 boards he could get them sold for me. I cash advanced my credit card for $6,000 and Santa Monica Airlines: Rocco Division was born....[After some difficulties] We changed our name to SMA World Industries as a joke, but they said we couldn’t use the SMA part, so we dropped the SMA and World Industries was born. The Notorious Nineties To the skateboard industry World Industries was now an actual, real company with real riders. But to us the company was more like a giant toy. Our company motto was pretty much "Why not?" We would do ads without products, skateboard graphics with cartoons instead of skulls, and skateboard shapes that didn’t look like skateboards. Now in the wacky world of skateboarding today this sounds like no big deal, but in 1990 people thought we were out of our minds, and at the time, we were. In fact, only in retrospect can we now look back and see the thin line we walked was closer to insanity than the premeditated genius that people often give us credit for. But success quickly transforms pea-brains into prophets....Our whole company has skateboarding in its roots. Skateboarding is part of the lives of the people who work here. The challenge is to grow the company to make it a different type of organization. But at the core of World Industries, I am happy to continue to do the fun stuff.

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