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Friday, November 19, 2004

This Time It Wasn't The Brother That Had Plastic Surgery
Another Nicolette Sheridan post (dated October 15) at a place called Awful Plastic Surgery:

Ever since the new tv show Desperate Housewives hit the airwaves, I have been getting horrified emails about Nicolette Sheridan's appearance. The most common query is ,'What has she done to her face?'...

It definitely looks like she's had a face lift. She's 41, yet look at how smooth her forehead looks; not a line to be seen. Her nose is also slimmer than it was in her Knots Landing days; not only is it slimmer, she's had an implant put in her nose to make it look longer. Nicole's always had a square face, but it looks even more square; could it be from cheek implants? Possibly. Overall, she looks pretty hard these days.

Here's what one fan had to say:

Has anyone taken a close look at Nicollete Sheridan in the interim between ‘Knot’s Landing’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’? She’s looking awfully “plumped” about the lips- and is it just me, or are her eyebrows up higher than they used to be?

Regarding more recent issues, there's a post on Davenetics. Read the whole thing - this is just a piece of it:

Look, no one is sorry.

ABC is not sorry. They want viewers for their show and after all this nonsense, they will get them in numbers like they never imagined. The NFL is not sorry. MNF's ratings have been on the decline lately and any buzz is good buzz. And let's be realistic. The NFL sells beer, Viagra, sex and brutality each and every week. Is an actress dropping her towel (and not showing that much) any more humiliating or offensive than showing cheerleader cleavage cutaways after each big play? Please.

Even the FCC is not sorry. They get to focus their public statements on pleasing the newly empowered religious right. Who cares about the the consolidation of all media into a few hands when we've got exposed skin to consider.

This towel dropping was good for everyone except those who have googled Nicolette Sheridan and Terrell Owens only to find that the bit wasn't even titillating. And there are a lot of those people....

Colt's coach Tony Dungy has even used this incident to play the race card. He implied that a white owner or player would never have been asked to catch the naked girl. Hey, there are a lot of racist things about the NFL (Dungy, as one of the only black coaches in the league, knows that as well as anyone). But Owens was selected because he is the Eagle's biggest star. And his unbridled narcissism added the extra layer of suspense that he might actually have dropped the girl....

On Sunday, before the Pittsburgh-Cleveland game, two opposing players got into a fist-fight in front of the television cameras. No one was worried about the message that sent to young kids. No one from the network or the NFL apologized. In fact, they showed the fight over and over throughout the game and beyond. But a little flesh is just too much to take....

I enjoyed your comments over on the 'Wonks, so I came over and had a look. You've a well-constructed Blog. I am looking forward to returning to learn more. :-)
well said....but I think there should be more fights AND more sex on TV...not one or the other...
I dunno, Buster...I don't really want to see Nicolette using the towel to strangle Terrell...
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