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Friday, November 05, 2004

You'll hear the call of the west
The Internet knows everything (well, maybe not).

All of us on this planet or other planets have heard a GEICO commercial at some time or another. Sometimes the GEICO commercials bore me (the radio commercial for the Chinese movie trailer). Sometimes they interest me (the soap opera TV commercial was executed well - use of video instead of film, the overacting, etc.).

One commercial moved me. Not the video part, but the audio part. Close your eyes and imagine a whistling man and a guitar. Something that musically makes you want to say things like "chuck wagon."

When I first heard the commercial, I remember wondering about the music. But then I started thinking about something else (probably NTN or badgers or something) and forgot about it.

On Thursday I began wondering about it again and started searching. During my searches, I found a site called whatsthatcalled.com.

Answers are found here to that nagging question. You hear music used in a TV commercial and you ask “What’s That Called? Using the above buttons, you can search the database for music used in TV ads by Company, Artist, Song Title or you can browse the whole database.

So I searched, and found this likely entry:



Commercial Title

Advertising Agency
The Martin Agency

Business Sector


Alexandre Geindre

Song Title
Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest

Commercial Description

Well, I still needed to confirm that this was the right song. Rather than going to Amazon, I went to Best Buy to find the compilation album "Music From The Fashion Week." I then went to the first track 7 to listen to the 30 second snippet (sound familiar?). The last part of the snippet is the part that they played in the GEICO commercial; the first part is new, and sounds intriguing.

But do I want to pay 30 bucks for a single song? I made that mistake once before when I bought the Boys Don't Cry album solely for the song ""I Wanna Be A Cowboy." It turned out that the rest of the album was NOTHING like this one song. Disappointment.

(Aside: see onehitwondercentral.com.)

(Another aside: the title of this post is taken from the title track of this album by Wall of Voodoo. Here endeth the discussion of western-tinged music. Here comes another one....)

Now that I have actually truly bought stuff from MSN Music, I should look at this again.
MSN Music lists no matches for Lonesome Magic Vice Harvest.
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