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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Speaking of Suppression of Information
Sorry, but now I'm on a roll...

Back in October, the National Republican Congressional Committee filed a complaint against John & Ken at KFI, charging them with criminal activity in their "Political Human Sacrifice" exercise in futility. Obviously this was an attempt to stifle criticism of David Dreier, but it backfired completely (kind of like what Delta did by firing "Queen of Sky" Ellen Simonetti).

Anyway, this attempt by Dreier resulted in a bunch of coverage outside of KFI. Then, after the election, everybody dropped it. As far as I can tell, Dreier had the last word during his election morning interview by Doug McIntyre. The following transcript is from Calblog:

McIntyre: Well how come you’re not pressing charges against me. I feel slighted that you’re prosecuting John and Ken, but you’re leaving me out.

Dreier: I’m not pressing charges…

McIntyre: Of course you are David. You’re fooling no one on that.

Dreier: I’m not pressing charges against anyone.

McIntyre: All of the sudden talk radio can’t take a stand on a candidate they don’t agree with…

Dreier: Excuse me....You’re doing all the talking here. I don’t know what it is that you’re talking about. I’m not pressing charges against anyone…

McIntyre: Well what was that…What? The charges… That the charges…The FEC…were created in a vacuum? They (came) from nowhere?

Dreier: The National Republican Congressional Committee...

McIntyre: Just out of thin air, they decided….

Dreier: Excuse me…the National Republican Congressional Committee said there were corporate contributions that were a violation of federal law that were being made. I want everyone to have First Amendment rights and to say anything they want about me, and ....

McIntyre: Are they going to file charges against Sean Hannity? Against Rush Limbaugh?

Dreier: Have they had a corporation subsidizing?

McIntyre: You can make the case…You can make the case…

Dreier: Make the case that what?

McIntyre: There is nothing going on there that isn’t going on in talk radio across the country. The Republican party has been benefiting for twenty years, and now all of a sudden a Republican is taking heat, and now the FEC has to be involved…

Dreier: I really don’t understand what it is that you’re talking about...

McIntyre: I think the audience understands it David...

Dreier: Let me tell y...If you look at the campaign finance reform law…If you look at where we stand on, uh…at the fact that corporate contributions...

McIntyre: David, here’s the bottom line. We have looked. That’s why you’re in the fight for your political life....

As it turned out, McIntyre was wrong on that score - Dreier won by over ten percentage points - but he was certainly damaged.

So, now it's over three weeks after the election, and everybody's conveniently forgotten about the NRCC's attempt to shut down free speech. The NRCC isn't talking. Dreier is keeping his mouth shut. Cynthia Matthews (another NRCC target) stopped updating her web site. FireDreier has nothing new. Even John and Ken dropped the issue after October.

However, the fact remains - the National Republican Congressional Committee tried to censor the views of a radio station, and David Dreier seems too familiar with the facts of the case to plead ignorance.

Well, let's see who is the next target of censorship. So far, attempts to muzzle Kevin Sites, Ellen Simonetti, Dan Rather, and others have failed miserably.

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