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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

CommerceNet Labs Hires Joyce "Troutgirl" Park
Yay back I posted a chronological account of Joyce "Troutgirl" Park's blog posts in which she discussed her employer, Friendster, and made such controversial comments as the following:

The website doesn't look much different, but hopefully we can now stop being a byword for unacceptably poky site performance.

Horror of horrors, she admitted that the website was faster than it was in the past. For such terrible talk, Friendster fired her. She made the following comment at the time:

The levels of irony on this are pretty deep. For one thing, I wrote a fairly well-known paper last year about the need for semi-permeable blogging. For another thing...I try really hard not to blog about anything that is not a matter of public record... but I guess that's not protection any more. You get Slashdotted, make Udell's column, lose your job. And finally, it's especially ironic because Friendster, of course, is a company that is all about getting people to reveal information about themselves...

Well, you gotta figure that some company is going to want to hire a technologically-savvy person who can communicate with the company's customer base. If you figure that, you're correct - Joyce Park has a new job:

As some of you might recall, I once worked at a startup called KnowNow where I learned all about REST and pubsub from the founders, Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin. Adam and I went on to found Mod-pubsub together while Rohit went back to finish his PhD. We've now been reunited as part of CommerceNet Labs....

I am basically Rifkin's technical minion now -- I make his ideas real. We're supposed to do projects that expand the future potential of online commerce, particularly in the direction of decentralization or empowerment of individuals. So if you have a super cool project you want to talk about, contact Adam and maybe he'll give you some of my time. His email is his firstname or first-initial lastname at commerce.net.

If you'd like to chat in person, CommerceNet Labs will be hosting a booze and schmooze event on 12/14, at our offices in Mountain View....

Her official CommerceNet Labs page is here.

Hope everything works out well for her.

(P.S. Does CommerceNet have an airline?)

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