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Friday, November 12, 2004

Fascinating Lives of the Stars
According to imdb.com, here are the major stars of Ocean's Twelve:

Cast (in credits order)
George Clooney .... Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt .... Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon .... Linus Caldwell
Catherine Zeta-Jones .... Isabel Lahiri
Andy Garcia .... Terry Benedict
Don Cheadle .... Basher Tarr
Bernie Mac .... Frank Catton
Julia Roberts .... Tess Ocean

So, let's see how some of these people contribute to meaningful political debate:

President George Bush “is just dim," actor George Clooney claims in the upcoming February issue of GQ magazine, the New York Post’s “Page Six” revealed on Wednesday....

....[I]n the upcoming issue of GQ, the Hollywood heartthrob takes on President Bush.

"The problem is we elected a manager, and we need a leader," Clooney tells the magazine. "Let's face it: Bush is just dim."

GQ describes the star as "a liberal's liberal who believes Mario Cuomo should be our president, and he keeps a photo of Jimmy Carter's 'ER' set visit on display in his bathroom." Clooney also likens Newt Gingrich to a "dinosaur," laughing, "The man has no arms."...

"We'd pass her in the hall and Brad would say 'Heyyy, Jenna, wanna beer? I got one in the truck.'" —Jennifer Aniston, on teasing Jenna Bush, who worked this summer at the management agency she and Brad Pitt own

Julia Roberts wants you to know that, so far as she is concerned, George W. Bush is not the President of the United States. Prematurely showing the modesty and grasp of reality that we have come to expect from an Oscar winner, she has, according to the Drudge Report, been telling friends that George W. Bush is "not my president. He will never be my president." In her view, apparently, he is "embarrassing."...

Speaking at a Gore/Lieberman fundraiser last September the glossy autodidact revealed, "Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant." Strictly speaking, that is not true (they are about as close to "Republican" as the words "demobilize" and "démodé" are to "Democrat"), but we get the point. The Pretty Woman's next discovery in the much-thumbed wordbook occurred, allegedly, when she looked up "Democrat." Apparently, the definition is "of the people, by the people, for the people."

After comments like that, our heroine was clearly going to find it difficult to accept that Gore ("Dung, feces, dirt of any kind, slime, mucus, blood in the thickened state that follows effusion" — O.E.D.) had lost the election.

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