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Monday, November 08, 2004

There Is No First Amendment At The Airport
Lest we forget. Excerpts, as written by Vadergrrrl:

Dustin [Chambers] had a wrapped present for his baby daughter that he was planning on visiting. At the check in, Dustin was told the present was a suspected bomb, and they needed to run it through a special “bomb detector”. After a long delay while the bomb squad tested his baby girl’s gift, they let him go. Angry and frustrated about his treatment, he made a fatal remark “What did they think I had a milkshake bomb in there?”. Right after making that statement, two airport marshal’s grabbed him and questioned him about using the word “bomb” in an airport. His response was that he said “bomb” because they had just put his gift through a “bomb detector”.

He was then detained, questioned and brutally interrogated. Since his name Dustin Chambers had been put on a “No Fly List” they continued to harass and detain him. They insisted he was someone else who had been using the name “Dustin Chambers” as an alias. Though he has no criminal record, and was NOT the person they suspected him to be, they continued to detain and harass him, finally putting him into a federal prison for holding. He stayed in federal prison for one week, despite [not] having done anything wrong. Finally he was set free with an ankle bracelet to await a court date. Obviously, because of this ordeal, he never did get to see his baby daughter.

For the record, here's the Dustin Chambers at the airport. A body artist doesn't sound like someone who would make a no fly list.

Well, perhaps this is our Dustin Chambers who's on the no fly list. Nah, unless you want an econometrics expert to subdue the U.S. by boring it to death.

Perhaps it's the Florida stock car racer who placed 22nd in a recent race? Let's face it, a NASCAR dad would be a good cover.

Now here's something suspicious:

Hello, I'm just writing to you in regards to the story in the subject, which you guys posted on your web site. First off, if the person who wrote the story had been using the DLL Modz Spam Filter (catchy name, I know!), there's a good chance they wouldn't have gotten that email (or else it would have been really easy to make the program detect the spam. The filter is not really an add on to any program, it's a standalone program all on its own, and does a mighty fine job. Not all of the filters built into it are running yet, and I very rarely get junk email (and even much more rarely does the program mistake a real mail for spam).

Secondly... to get rid of the whole open relay problem, is it not possible for a government to make it law that you can not send spam via another users network (like an open relay)

Dustin Chambers

Let's face it...anti-spam people are anti-business, and by definition enemies of the state, are they not? Considering how David Dreier performs the bidding of his corporate donors, I'm sure that he would classify the latter Chambers as a dangerous subversive.

Seriously, the web doesn't point to any one candidate as the subversive Dustin Chambers. (Even though the Internet knows everything.) Maybe "Dustin Chambers" is a new Cat Stevens pseudonym. Let's send Queen of Sky to find the real culprit.

An interesting read I must say! Too bad I'm 2 years too late to comment on it.

Not sure how you arrived at your conclusion.. how is a computer company that builds custom computers/sells custom software for clients anti-business...? :)

Your blog makes sense though! I've been WONDERING why I've been having trouble getting on airplanes when I use this alias...

Thanks for a good read!


One of the Dustin Chambers' mentioned in this post..!
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