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Friday, November 26, 2004

What Happened to Millionaire Mom?
First, a little history. Genetic Mishap wrote the following on September 2, 2004:

Okay, I just ran across this blog, entitled "Millionaire Mom":


It's a new blog, but worth visiting for ridicule value. After reading the blog and following some links I learned that this woman's goal is to make a million dollars in 20 months. Her plan is to use affilliate links and MLM schemes (her Inspiring Parents "business" is really an Amway front page) to do this.

It is just so ridiculous. I don't mind the affilliate links (you may notice a few on this site), but I HATE MLM'S and I get so angry that people can be so stupid to waste their time, effort, and money chasing after the MLM scheme. IT WON'T WORK, didn't you realize that in grade school with the whole "send one dollar to five people on this list, and send this letter to five of your friends and you will make lots of money" chain letter that went around? I have friends who get into one MLM after another, they never learn.

She also kindly puts lots of words of advice to reach success on her site, which is very funny considering it comes from someone who has achieved exactly 0% success. (maybe negative success if you consider the $550 she's in the hole already)

I only wish it were that easy to make a million in 20 months.

I linked to all of this and added some extremely pertinent comments ("eat steak every night"), and continued to follow Millionaire Mom's progress. I marked September 11th by reproducing this excerpt from her blog:

Day 8 $999916.56 to go
Finally... a check. Not a big one... $83.44 from ClickBank. Checking my Clickbank account I see this income came mostly from affiliate referrals. Okay, not a great check but I don't push affiliate as my main money maker.

As I check around, I see I'm owed nearly $2000 but I haven't counted that yet. Don't count your eggs until they hatched.

On November 3, I checked in again and discovered that, as of October 26, 2004, she only had $996,932.81 to go.

Today (November 26) I clicked on http://millionairemom.blogspot.com/ and got...nothing. I'll wait a bit before formally retiring the link on my left, but I'm forced to conclude that she made the rest of the money in the last month. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, check out the following sites that turn up on a Leslie Truex web search:


Congratulations to millionairemom, if she has indeed made her million! This would put her months ahead of schedule. He he.
Thanks for reading Millionaire Mom... I was certain no one did. Grandious goal indeed but hey according to Carl Sandburg, "Nothing happens unless first a dream."

My dream was to earn enough income from home quit my job. Since I've done that, I needed a new goal.

Thanks again,
Leslie Truex

(BTW Inspiring Parents is not Amway.)
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