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Saturday, November 13, 2004

So Groovebunny announced that a blogger named RudeCactus was having an Open Mic Thursday - in other words, anyone who wanted to could post on RudeCactus' blog.

I didn't read this until Saturday. Probably just as well.

Got some links to some interesting blogs by Diner Bitch, Lauren, and Fluffy.

Yes, there are more bloggers, but Children's Theatre Experience is presenting "Annie" this afternoon and we have to get ready. No, I'm not in this one, but I signed up for "Big River." I know nothing about "Big River," but I am familiar with its source material.

just popped over to say hi! thanks for the lovely linkage :)
Thanks for the mention! :) And it's too bad you missed the fun. Nothing more exhilarating than getting to do a guest entry knowing that it's not going to be moderated before it's published and the owner is at your mercy! lol Okay, there def are things more exhilarating, but still it was fun. Have a great weekend.
Just saw the mention - thanks! Sorry you missed the open mic day but I'll do it again soon, I'm sure! :-)
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