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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Deist Nation
Another treat from the Freemasons. Portions of interest highlighted:

While Plato made no attempt to name God, he did create a foundation of speculation regarding the nature of God; that is, God as the great geometrician. Like the Vedic and Hebraic sages before him, Plato knew there was but one God. And he was convinced that the harmonious superstructure of creation put forth by the Universal Spirit, while unknowable, was perfect, and was definitely based in geometry....And to this day, we are all drawn to that ineffable mystery suggested by that darkness before the light.

This idea has remained strongly ingrained in Western thought, and was perhaps most dramatically manifested when a celebrated group of men we call the Founding Fathers lifted their light in an effort to bring forth a new country on the North American continent. Most of the Founding Fathers of America were products of the philosophical world-view of The Enlightenment, or Age of Reason. It may surprise some of you to learn that these men were predominantly Deists rather than Christians. Strictly defined, Deism is a belief in God based solely upon the evidence of reason. The Deist position asserts that God created the universe and after setting it in motion, abandoned it, assumed no control over life, exerted no influence on natural phenomena, and gave no supernatural revelation.

Those Founding Fathers who were Masons had knowledge of the Platonic concept of The Creator as Divine Architect of the Universe, and had access to and knowledge of such works as the mid-thirteenth-century Bible moralisee (which Benjamin Franklin is said to have seen while in France), and were familiar with other works such as the early fourteenth-century Holkham Bible, both of which depict the Supreme Being, compass in hand, walking through the heavens.

Their Deist beliefs had clearly evolved, in part, from the aforementioned wisdom and traditions of more ancient men living in other times in other places, which in turn had evolved further during the Age of Reason.

Men like Brothers Franklin and Washington, both reasonable men to be sure, made reference to God, but also understood, as the great men of wisdom who had gone before understood, that the sublime mystery of The Creator was something that could not and should not be named.

Nowhere is there any mention of God in America's Declaration of Independence or in the Constitution. Only reference to man's Creator is made. And that is how it should have been. In a new country with a mixed population that would continue to diversify, these visionary Brothers stood by the concept of a Great Architect.

Yet another dirty little secret about our so-called "Christian" nation. If Washington were the New Jerusalem, I'd truly be worried...

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