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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Check Your Sources, Check Your Sources
According to AmericaBlog, the American Family Association is alleging that the movie Shark Tale includes a pro-homosexual message. One of the sources that the AFA cites is an Onion-related site:

Lenny's mannerisms and voice tend toward the effeminate, notes a review by Scott Tobias in The Onion A.V. Club, but that's not the worst of it.

In response to the AFS, AmericaBlog asks:

And they even quote "The Onion" as proof. And they ask why the hell we think they're a bunch of Bible thumping morons? You're accusing a shark of being gay and using the Onion as proof. Idiots.

At this point we should all go, "Yeah, yeah!" because everybody knows that the Onion runs fake news.

Citing the "extreme inefficiency" of this month's U.S. presidential election, key Republicans called for future elections to be conducted by the private sector.

However, careful readers may have noticed that the AFA didn't cite The Onion; they cited The Onion A.V. Club. It turns out that the Onion A.V. Club runs somewhat legit stories, but with a sense of humor - kind of like the Daily Show. Specificaly, this is what they said; this is what Onion A.V. Club said:

A mush-mouthed Jack Black, sounding like an effeminate Arnold Horshack, plays a swishy vegetarian shark....


Like any studio-financed, machine-pressed animation production, Shark Tale—Dreamworks' feeble response to Pixar's superior Finding Nemo—has several credited directors and writers. But the real, uncredited architects are a bunch of kids in the mall: Every single joke, character detail, music montage, and pop-culture reference looks extensively market-tested, whether via screenings, focus groups, or other box-office successes. With dollar signs in its eyes and nothing in its heart, Shark Tale calculates each moment for the broadest appeal, but its impact couldn't be more impersonal. The filmmakers are convinced people will like it because the spreadsheets and pie charts tell them so, not because they've invested it with originality or passion.

So, which part of that article is fake?

Methinks everybody needs to check their sources!

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