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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Constitution Party (mentioned previously) is holding a two vote lead in a Montana election:

A count of six provisional ballots in Lake County on Monday showed that Constitutional Party candidate Rick Jore of Ronan defeated Democrat Jeanne Windham of Polson in House District 12.

The final tally was 1,559 to 1,557. Jore picked up three of the provisional votes, Windham got two, and Republican Jack Cross of Polson got one. He finished a distant third with 1,108 votes.

Windham's two-vote loss, subject to a possible recount if she requests one, leaves the GOP with 50-49 edge in the House....

Provisional ballots were cast by people whose eligibility to vote at the polls Nov. 2 was questioned, some because they already voted absentee and others because they did not register in time. By law, county officials could not open provisional ballots deemed valid until Monday afternoon.

Elaine Graveley, head of the Elections and Legislative Bureau in the secretary of state's office, said Windham must wait until after the statewide canvass is completed Nov. 22 to request a recount. She will have five days after that to ask for one.

Windham intends to request a recount, said Brad Martin, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.

This was reported in mtpolitics.net under the title "Score One For the Constitution Party." In line with my project, I had to respond:

Heaven help Montana, who will apparently have someone in its government from a party that deems “personhood” as a word (check their platform), and who says that government officials must show “kindness…and compassion.” So if the gangs are burning Bozeman down, the cops are supposed to hand them flowers…

Comment by Ontario Emperor — 11/12/2004 @ 13:49

Unfortunately, I appear to be a better left-wing-nut than right-wing-nut. I should have thrown a few "Communists" in there (I did in a similar reply to a related post, but my reply didn't get through).

I love your posts. you have so much knowledge.

happy friday.

There could be a hint o' sarcasm in vadrgrrl's message, EH? If she hadn't done it, I might've.
Then again, maybe she wasn't, and I can be: You deserve the trustworthy souls with which you'll spend the rest of your life associating.
Uh oh. I'm about to be surrounded by Wiggles.
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