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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Search Me 

Checked my Blogpatrol to see what's brewing. Here's what's up:

  • As usual, most of the searches involve Krystal Fernandez, even though I've only posted one thing about her lately.

  • People are also searching for information on Christopher Nance, Jennifer Hawkins, Danny Bonaduce, Joe Theismann's broken leg, Jessica Hahn, and Ladytron, among other items.

  • Someone entered a Google search for "'blind date' 'roger lodge' rebecca virgin." Assuming that only one virgin named Rebecca has ever appeared on "Blind Date." Now if the search was for Elimidate, perhaps they could only find one virgin (or, alternatively, only one person who wasn't pursuing an entertainment career).

  • Two people found my blog by searching for "idiots" on Google.

  • Someone wants to find a nude video of Catherine Bach (not to be confused with P D Q Bach, who's been on my mind lately).

  • A Yahoo searcher wants to know "what happened to david stien (sic) fox sports." Don't know if this means that he was canned, or just that another radio station dropped the Morning Extravaganza.

  • And there was a Yahoo search for "hilary duff's diet and exercise."

Here are some other ways in which people are getting here:










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Hey, I recognize one of those!
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