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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Money Talks 

Those of us in the U.S. are pansies. When we write stuff on our money, it's usually stupid stuff like "For a good time call...."

When Chinese write on their money, they resign from the Communist Party.

As a result of the spread of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, people from all professions have been quitting from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Information recently received from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Nanchang, Wuhan, Shengyang, Changsha, Chengdu and other cities, indicates that withdrawal statements have even appeared on Chinese currency. Short slogans extolling the Nine Commentaries, Falun Gong and bringing ex-dictator Jiang Zemin to justice have also been seen on some of the currency.

Link courtesy China e-Lobby.

If you're not resigning from the Chinese Communist Party (and since I'm not a member, I don't plan to resign any time soon), I guess I can write where I've been:

Have you ever wondered where your money goes after you've spent it? Or did you receive some money with this website address on it? Either way, WELCOME! And have fun!

This website is a free service provided solely to help people like you track where their money goes after they've spent it - and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

So... if you've received a bill with our website address on it, please ENTER IT BELOW to find out where it came from....

And there are other things you can write:

Mike-Chicago, IL 7/9/04
Please help everyone have more joy than ever. Pray that all my mistakes be turned into miracles. Pray for the salvation of everyone. Pray also that people will find God and find Him deeply. Pray that they will listen to the gospel messages that I write on money.
Pray also that preachers will pray and teach on the air.

On the other hand, there are atheists who want to cross out the word "God" on money. In response to my question "What 'god' is being established?" they reply:

The Constitutionality of the use of "God" in national mottos, pledges, and oaths is questionable, but generally able to be maintained because the use of the word "God" is claimed not necessarily endorse a specific religion. It does however, exclude many religions, and it obviously references the Christian god, because the Christian god is the only traditional god that is referred to as "God". By capitalizing the word god, it is clearly an endorsement of the Christian religion.

Of course, in the example twenty dollar bill they display, every letter is capitalized.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

The atheist website is a trip! But it’s encouraging to know that Chinese are making bold moves to divorce themselves from the communist regime.
Or annul themselves.
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