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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pat Robertson Redux 

On Thursday I commented about Pat Robertson's latest utterances:

Well, I guess it's in accordance with a Bible that doesn't include the books of Ezra...and Nehemiah...and all four Gospels...and Acts...and Revelation...

Jennifer, in a post tonight entitled "Get This Man Some Lithium," said the following:

...Pat Robertson is not a follower of Jesus Christ, and he most definitely is not His messenger. I'm sick of hearing people slam my Savior because of the hateful things this jerk has said and done. I'm tired of constantly having to separate myself from the label of Christianity because of his lying, thieving, insidious acts and speeches. Enough. It's time we take back our Savior from the clutches of this insane man!

However, I did find an opposing view:

Pat Robertson stirred up the murky waters of America yesterday with his usual perceived out rageous comments. I have disagreed with Robertson on many occasions but on this one I believe he is right on. Robertson has hit it dead center....[I]t would be hypocritical for the God the Bible to accept petitions from those who reject Him, and if God does not accept these petitions then it follows that those who petitioned him are ever vulnerable to natural disasters and other misfortunes.

Well, what is meant by "reject"? Does one reject God by lack of faith, or by lack of works? If one rejects God by lack of works - for example, by voting against God - then one rejects God any time that one fails to measure up to God's principles. Thus, if God will not hear the prayers of those who do not do His works...then God hears the prayers of no one.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Voting out a school board that tried to sneak creationism into public school through the guise of "Intelligent Design" is not rejecting God.
I'm starting to get a complex here, btw!
wow....powerful stuff going on in here, as always...and a "fight"! woot! ;0 jk. (it's mitz btw...chgd name)
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