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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Calvin Broadus - Crip or Nocrip? 

Back in 2002, an interesting thread played out on a Muppets forum. Excerpts regarding Calvin Broadus and the Crips appear below:

Patty E.10-01-2002, 02:13 PM
Gang appeal has no appeal, it's neither "funny or zany" even in Muppet land.

Ask the business owner robbed at gunpoint, or the parents of an innocent child executed by gang members. A deviant lifestyle and life of crime is why one joins the CRIPS. If he denounced his ties with this very violent and destructive group who conducted the interview, where is the article? Instead, he acts like a calling card.:cool:

Patty E.
beaker10-01-2002, 03:24 PM
>>>A deviant lifestyle and life of crime is why one joins the CRIPS. <<<

What is this, 1988? *brings back memories of Metroid, NWA gangsta rap tapes, and ALF reruns*...
Patty E.10-01-2002, 06:10 PM
Where is the article or interview where Calvin AKA "Snoop" dissociates himself from the CRIPS? Most gang members die on the street or in prison. If he has separated himself from that loser lifestyle then he should be proud. Imagine the contribution he could make for children "at risk" if in fact he renounced that nonsense.

Patty E.:cool:
Patty E.10-01-2002, 07:01 PM
Snoop has the distinction of belonging to the Crips, ( a violent and destructive force), he advocates a gang lifestyle, promotes a pimpin' lifestyle. This makes him very different from Guests which have proceeded [sic] him.

Patty E.
Patty E.10-02-2002, 01:58 PM
This controversy, was covered on national television, national newspaper with a minimum of two national radio stations.

Bottom line- Gang behavior, foul talk, and crude conduct is neither impressive or endorsed. Further, Henson Productions has no duty to provide a forum for a CRIPS gang member....In closing, it deserves to be mentioned the level of consideration and sensitivity in which the Henson Company has handled this matter. Thank you.

Patty E.
sidcrowe10-03-2002, 10:05 PM
Sure, a heckuva lot of the guests that have been involved with the Muppets over the years have been less than perfect, but gangs murder people for no good reason at all. From what I've learned here by finally reading it all, Snoop was a member of the Crips. I'm not aware of him making a strong effort to denounce gangs as evil stupidity. He dresses like a gangster. He dresses like a pimp. He's involved with real porn.

If he just wrote ABOUT gang stuff and dressed like one as a way of commenting on that portion of society, then maybe I wouldn't care. But he was REALLY a member of a murderous organization, which means he's trading on an image of something despicable and evil that he was REALLY a part of.

So, to he (ll) with him.

There's a difference between dressing up like Hitler for a joke, like Mel Brooks did, and actually being a Nazi....
AruggeRadio10-06-2002, 09:42 AM
Sense this post is starting to devolve into name calling i thought i would add my 2 cents.

Just for the record, Snoop Dog has never been convinced in a United States court for Murder. He was brought up on charges in 1994 but was found innocent by a jury of his pears. So before you all call him a murder or part of a murderous organization I thought I would clear it up that he has never been convinced of the crime of murder. So Snoop himself is not a killer.

Once again if you would take time to listen to the Lyrics of his songs you would realize that he is very anti this type of behavior and wants to sway youth from taking the same path that he did.

sidcrowe10-06-2002, 01:45 PM

"So before you all call him a murder or part of a murderous organization I thought I would clear it up that he has never been convinced of the crime of murder."

I've only posted about this 5 times or so, and never have I called Snoop a murderer.

But "part of a murderous organization?"

Yes, I stand by that 100%.

What the heck do you think the Bloods and Crips are––the Boy Scouts?

They're just a bunch of cowardly, backward, violent dirtbags who'd rather war with themselves and kill non-members for kicks than do anything else.

Are you high on something right now? :confused:
Skeeter Muppet10-06-2002, 02:36 PM
Are you high on something right now?

I'm sorry, but are you insinutating that he has to be high or drugged up on something to be defending Snoop? Methinks you've crossed the line into stereotyping territory, Sid.

sidcrowe10-06-2002, 02:58 PM

OK, maybe you're right :rolleyes:

The Bloods and Crips are fine people.

If you have any kids, be sure and leave them with the gang members to take care of them for a few days.

If you know any of these magical people, hang around them and talk Muppets with them. If there's one thing a Crip or a Blood loves, it's not guns and turf wars, it's puppets and stories about them....
beaker10-06-2002, 04:18 PM
You wanna know what the 'Bloods and Crips' are?

They are an embarassing fashion faux paus of the mid to late 80's that somehow survived past that. Obviously people who post stuff or generalizations however true, dont know their facts.

This particulair [sic] gang...is comprised of inmates, and generally young black youth who are 3rd generation 3rd world poor. Meaning, it is a cycle of violence, fear, and peer pressue that becons such membership...not 'flashy MTV videos' as a recruitment tool.

People point and scowl at the inner city urban decay and degrdation of selected black youth...yet overlook the root or origins, or see the disproportinate amount of jailed youth from these sectors.

Back int he 10's, 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's quite a few blacks were forced to live in squallor and on the poor side of the tracks. Its a fact. Oppurtunities were destroyed, and a cycle began several generatiosn ago. Flash forward to the 60's civil rights movement, and a lot of this forced to live in a ghetto aparteid stuff was lifted(for the most part) Yet by the late 80's(and even now) this lifestyle of desperateness continues. Why you ask?

Because cycles are hard to break, and it takes brave souls to rise up out of such living, whether it be in Oakland, Caprini Green, Harlem, or Houston.

It's kind of like saying 'Man, a lot of those Native Americans are just building casinos, drinking themselves to death, and living off welfare'. Well, when virtually your entire race is ethnically cleansed by the United States government, then the remaining few are given a few morsels of grain fields to plop down...tell me there woouldnt be lingering problems.

All Im saying is this argument of 'lifestyle' is systematic and has a reasoning behind it. Anyone who has visited a ghetto or like neighborhood can see this desperate and horrific situation at its nexus....
sidcrowe10-06-2002, 08:43 PM
Grail...first to you

Please don't invoke the tired ploy of citing what I've said and asking me to apologise to others, in an effort to paint me as a reckless ogre. Longtime forum members have been through it all before; it isn't fooling anyone.

Cripes, I didn't say anything that bad, anyway :rolleyes:

As for the rest of it, I was expecting it: it's all poor Snoop's environment.

He's in his thirties, now–not nineties. We're not talking about the 1800s here.

I'm poor myself. I've lived on welfare before. I've got a ton of ideas for web movies but I just can't put together enough money for the equipment I need.

So I SUFFER. I don't STEAL :mad:

Furthermore, I can forgive the destruction and/or theft of material things, but I've got no patience for those who commit crimes of violence, up to and including murder.

If Snoop was writing some foul-mouthed things about the way he grew up, I could deal with that, but he was a real, genuine...FOR REAL gang member.

His filthy, stinking comrades KILL PEOPLE FOR THE HELLL OF IT!...

But he has NOT renounced his Crips participation, and he continues to enjoy, exploit, and trade off the gangsta mystique. That is wrong, and I haven't encountered anyone yet who even has the guts to address the reality of what the Crips and Bloods are all about.

What shall we tolerate next?

An impoverished, European neo-Nazi skinhead who likes to beat the daylights out of homosexuals and Jews FOR NO REASON? But then he comes up with some rhymes and all is forgiven? Welcome to the Muppets, skinhead?

COME ON! Gimme a break...

Patty probably did play a part in the decision. We all know that Henson employees frequent this website. Muppet Central has the highest concentration of hardcore Muppet fans in the world. I only wish I could've posted before the decision, so I could take some credit too, but I can't. But I will do my bit to ensure Snoop never has a dAm-N thing to do with the Muppets again.

Some of the last part of this post was directed at Snoop himself (as if he'd ever come here).

I don't understand why the reality of a gang of murderers isn't sinking in around here.

What would Jim do?

"Hey Jim, we want a rapper in the next special. Here's one shopping himself for cheap, but, ummm..."

"Umm, what? What are you trying not to say?"

"He was in with the Crips. A bunch of killers. And he made a porno video last year."

"Hmmm. I see. Keep looking for another one."

Does anybody else imagine it being any different?


I'm waiting again...

sidcrowe10-06-2002, 09:47 PM

I have the most care for the feelings, well being and SAFETY of all the members here. I have no patience for gangs of murderers. You seem to tolerate them just fine. Good thing you're not State Sheriff....

The Crips are MURDERERS, and if you join them, you're ready to KILL for them.

Snoop-Diggity-no-talent will NOT renounce the Crips, and that means he still approves of them.

That means he's a dirtbag scumwad criminal porno-making smut peddler gangsta, and he can't be in something nice like a Jim Henson Christmas special.

The people at Henson made a mistake, they fixed it because I am right and you are wrong.


You wanna know why?

I'll tell you. Listen closely. Here it comes.

"Thou shalt not kill."

Now, Skeeter, unless you've got the mind or the guts to attempt to explain away murder, I suggest you admit defeat, go back to listening to Snoop No-talent, and take note of the fact that I still haven't called you any names.

That's what you get when you call the crowe a name, and use the bad form of "bullshirt."

You get the truth.

Murder is wrong.


petrieboy10-07-2002, 01:04 AM
The Crips killed a bunch of people huh? So, in the past, did psycho fundamentalist (but fully lost and Godless) Christians, and I label myself a Christian. Would you have kicked me off the show, seeing as how I've yet to murder anyone.
Phillip Chapman10-07-2002, 05:22 PM
Due to a variety of complaints from all sides, this thread is being closed. Jamie and others have tried repeatedly to get this on topic and some have decided to continue to make personal threats against others in this discussion.

Calling others names will not be tolerated as that does not serve the purpose of this forum and can result in a termination of your account. Posting here is a privilege, it's not a given right if you abuse those privileges or make personal attacks towards others. This discussion and others related to Snoop are now closed. If new threads are started along this line they will be closed as well.

Henson made their decision to cut Snoop 12 days ago. As Jamie said we need to move on and stop hurting other people in the process. There are lots of other places on the Internet where you can debate Snoop's behavior if that's what you want to do.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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