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Saturday, November 26, 2005


For years, I have been arguing that the traditional one-dimensional "baby seal clubbers vs. Communists" political model is an oversimplification.

Meanwhile, the Libertarians go around trumpeting a two-dimensional political model - which, coincidentally enough, proves that everyone is a Libertarian.

I was thinking that a three-dimensional model of some type would suffice to describe secular political behavior. Well, I was thinking that. Then I started hearing about exopolitics.

This site is dedicated to producing high quality research papers and books that focus on the political implications of what an overwhelming amount of evidence conclusively points to as an extraterrestrial presence on Earth....

Skipping all the other stuff (about how the government is keeping all of this secret), let's seriously (well, sort of) look at the political implications. Michael E. Salla, PhD, has stated the following:

The report distinguishes between these extraterrestrial races on the basis of their belonging to one of either two distinct groups. The first group contains extraterrestrial races with which ‘shadow governments’ responsible for extraterrestrial affairs, have reached agreements with and even collaborated in a number of joint projects....There is also a second grouping of extraterrestrial races that lie outside of this web of clandestine agreements between extraterrestrial races and ‘shadow governments’/national security agencies. Most ‘contactees’ report these races to be ‘friendly’ to human interests suggesting a more ethical approach to the challenges confronting humanity as it prepares for the truth about the extraterrestrial presence and challenges posed by advanced extraterrestrial technology....

Distinguishing between extraterrestrial groups in this way helps bring to prominence the complex ethical-legal-political dimensions in understanding how different extraterrestrial races choose to cooperate or not with the military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex....

I'm gonna skip the first group and look at the second, since the first group would presumably tend to operate along more traditional political lines. (For example, aliens within Halliburton would tend to denigrate Murtha-ites, just like humans do.)


The subterranean ‘extraterrestrials’ are described to be remnants of previous human civilizations on the Earth’s surface such as Lemuria and Atlantis and are thus genetically related to humanity. The most famous description of one of these ancient races is found in the posthumously published ‘diaries’ of Admiral Richard Byrd who describes a secret expedition to the North Pole where he was taken into the subterranean dwelling of an advanced race with Nordic physical characteristics....

A large subterranean city called Telos is argued to lie below Mt Shasta, California and has been described by individuals who have either physically traveled to this city and witnessed it, or those who claim to have telepathically communicated with the occupants of this city....

The Telosians are reported to specialize in maintaining human longevity, and integrating harmonious technologies and belief systems for surface based humans. The Telosians and other subterranean ‘extraterrestrials’ seek to curtail the most damaging aspects of human-extraterrestrial technological agreements while assisting in the evolutionary growth in human consciousness. The main activities of the Telosians can be inferred to be in helping surface humanity learn of its ancient Earth history, restore human longevity, changing unhealthy belief systems and protecting the environment. The global solutions provided by the Telosians include: environmental protection; promoting bio-diversity; restoring human health and longevity; and recovery of lost historical knowledge....


It is appropriate to begin the discussion of these ‘off world’ extraterrestrial races and their main activities by focusing on a star system that has been described as the source for the spread of human civilization in the Milky Wa[y] galaxy, the constellation of Lyra....

The Lyrans posses Nordic features and are quite possibly the ‘Elohim’ described in religious traditions both on Earth and around the galaxy. Due to the Lyrans role in the genesis of the human presence in the galaxy, the Lyrans can understandably be argued to have the most detailed understanding of human origins and galactic history. They can be described as the ‘Galactic historians’ for the human species. It can be inferred that the Lyrans help in disseminating the truth about the evolution of human races in the galaxy, and have a deep understanding of galactic human culture and of the ‘human spirit’....

[T]he Lyrans’ main activities are in disseminating the unique history of the human race in the galaxy, and assisting in understanding human motivations and potentials. The global solutions the Lyrans provide include accurate information about human history, understanding galactic history, discovery of the human essence, diplomacy and conflict resolution, and global education.


...The Vegans were a darker or ‘blue’ skinned group of humans, and were likely the ‘blue race’ of advanced humans mentioned in various Vedic texts, and from whom the Hindu gods Vishnu and Krishna derived.

Significantly, the results of the Vegans and Lyrans interbreeding with humans paralleled events described in the Book of Enoch where the ‘Nephilim’ intermarried with humans and produced a race of giants that eventually died off....

[T]he Vegans returning to Earth in the present era, are attempting to assist humanity, atone for past mistakes and to assist Vegan starseeds....Like the Lyrans, the global solutions the Vegans provide include accurate information about human history and the Vegan heritage, understanding galactic history, discovery of the human essence, diplomacy and conflict resolution, and global education.

That's enough for now. There are plenty of other alien races that are discussed here, but as a recently enlightened idiot I'd better take small steps on this one.

So, let's take the Telosians, Lyrans, and Vegans, and start using applied exopolitics. Where do these beings stand on the important issues of our day? For example, where do they stand on the exporting of America's jobs? Let's start with one of the human points of view, from the AFL-CIO:

Corporations will ship an estimated 830,000 white-collar U.S. jobs overseas by the end of 2005, according to Forrester Research Inc., and some estimates say up to 14 million middle-class jobs could be exported out of America in the next 10 years.

Accountants, software engineers—even X-ray technicians—are losing their jobs as corporations look for low-wage workers in countries such as India and China.

At the same time, 2.8 million manufacturing jobs have been lost since the Bush took office, many of them because corporations have shipped them to countries such as China, which is creating a booming manufacturing industry on the backs of its poorly-paid workers.

Meanwhile, the jobs being created in the United States often are low-wage jobs that don’t offer health coverage or ensure retirement security. Nearly one-quarter of the nation’s workers labor in jobs that generally pay less than the $8.85 hourly wage the U.S. government says it takes to keep a family of four out of poverty. Sixty percent of such workers are women, and many are people of color.

Certainly the Telosians will approach this issue differently than the Lyrans and Vegans. As a U.S.-based group, the Telosians will in some respects oppose the export of jobs to other parts of the globe, but on the other hand, their interest in human longevity will naturally result in a larger population, with its potential for underemployment. Meanwhile, the Lyrans and Vegans may actually encourage exporting of jobs to other planets - I'm sure there are a number of Lyrans on their home planet who are dying to provide telephone customer service.

However, it's clear that all three of the parties listed above will support the teaching of intelligent design...

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Well, this does explain the strange blue tint of my skin. The exportation of American jobs troubles me greatly. GM just laid off a shift at their local plant as part of their cutbacks, and it's going to have tremendous impact on the economy.
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