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Friday, November 25, 2005

James Brown...James Brown...James Brown...James Brown... 

Avoiding Christmas shopping, I got my hair cut, played some NTN at Tequila Hoppers, and watched a lot of DVDs that I usually don't have a chance to watch. Two of the videos ("Post Post Modern Man (version 1)" and "Everything Counts (Live)" featured the windmills north of Palm Springs.

But after watching the third video (Stop Making Sense), I am faced with a question: How do you explain Tom Tom Club to a fourteen year old who is only familiar with Gorillaz? Do I just explain that two of the real members of the band used to have a hit called "Gratuitous Name Dropping"? And how do I explain that when I think of "Dare," I think of the death of that President guy who died on the same day as C.S. Lewis?

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