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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Linking Kim "Howard" Johnson and O J Simpson - sounds like something Owl Stretching Time would do 

Continuing in the prior vein, and continuing to avoid use of the "P" word, here's some stuff from povonline:

I am delighted to receive the following info from an old pen-pal, Kim "Howard" Johnson....

"I recall watching it on TV and being slightly disappointed at the subdued laughter. But, what I later found out, and what would not be apparent to home viewers, was that it was also performed on a set against the back wall. In other words, the majority of the live audience at SNL sits in the balcony, and it is almost impossible to see the actors performing in this area; the relative few with main floor seats had to turn completely around to see the sketch being performed behind them. In other words, most audience members had to watch it on one of the small TV monitors in the studio — it's possible some of them didn't even realize it was being performed live....

"When I talked to Michael and John a couple of weeks later, Michael was genuinely surprised when I asked him about the response to the sketch — he hadn't noticed any particular lack of reaction....

"I can vouch for the reaction at the Hollywood Bowl, however (I was on stage with the group each night, dressed like a pantomime goose), and the reaction to the Python show at the City Center a few years earlier was the same...."

And don't you just love the fact that a grown man could vouch for something because he was present at the moment, dressed like a pantomime goose? That's what we need more of in all these televised trials. ("Your honor, I can testify that Detective Fuhrman could not have planted the bloody glove at the Rockingham estate. I know because I was there at the time, dressed as a pantomime goose.")

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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