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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Whatever happened to... 

Eric Bijeau? Bennett Landreneau? Joe Theismann?

Eric Bijeau has disappeared from media reports. Here's a recent request sent to Landreneau:

December 9, 2005

Major General Bennett C. Landreneau
Louisiana Army National Guard
Jackson Barracks Office
New Orleans, LA

Dear Major Landreneau:

As New Orleans City Councilmember for District “A”, I ask for your consideration and attention to this very important matter. It would be in the best interest of the community to increase Army National Guard patrols in the Lake area neighborhoods that are: Lakeview, Lakeshore, Lake Vista, Lake Terrace, Lakewood North and South, as well as the Country Club Gardens neighborhood.

These areas have been plagued by burglaries and I believe that the increased presence of the Army National Guard is not only an added safety measure to help protect residents and their property, but it also gives people a piece of mind that is greatly needed as the city works to bring residents back.

If you need more specific details on the boundaries of the abovementioned neighborhoods, please feel free to contact me or my legislative aide Nicole Webre.

Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter.


John A. Batt, Jr.

Apparently Batt doesn't realize that George Bush is to blame for all the problems of New Orleans. Perhaps Annika's bill should be amended to provide for the deployment of 150,000 troops in the New Orleans area.

And as for Theismann, here's part of what I said on October 7, 2004:

I'm really gonna regret this

Someone got to my website using the search "Joe Theismann's injury in pictures."

Why? Well, I found this post from October 3:

Political Donations of the Rich, Famous, and Powerful
In my last post, I included a link to Gloria Allred's political campaign contributions, as reported by the FEC and newsmeat.com.

It turns out that newsmeat.com includes links to campaign contribution information for a number of celebrities....

Joe Theismann's only listed political contribution was to fellow quarterback Jack Kemp.

But people keep on wanting to hear about the gruesome injury, not the political contributions. Is anyone surprised that Joe Theismann's leg elicits more interest than Joe Theismann's mouth? Anyway, give the people what they want:

Nov. 18, 1985

New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor has been on many highlight films, but this is one he wishes he didn't appear on. Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann wishes it even more.

On a flea-flicker, the 36-year-old Theismann squirms away from linebacker Harry Carson, but the 243-pound Taylor, the Giants' most feared athlete, leaps and tackles the 198-pound quarterback from the rear. Theismann's right leg twists sideways beneath him as he goes down.

"Joe screamed and we got off as fast as we could," says Giants noseguard Jim Burt, who was on top of the pile, after the Redskins' 23-21 victory.

Theismann is taken to Arlington Hospital, where doctors operate on a compound multiple fracture of the right leg. He will never play again.

As I type this, the Giants are playing the Redskins again. Current stats:

6:02 1st Qtr Fox
New York Giants (10-4, 3-3 away) 0 - - - 0
Washington (8-6, 5-2 home) 7 - - - 7

Passing: Brunell (WAS) 38 yds
Rushing: Portis (WAS) 16 yds
Receiving: Moss (WAS) 25 yds

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Merry Christmas Ontario!
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