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Friday, December 09, 2005

Mary Grobe, Joyce Caldwell, Underground Detention Facilities, and Bounty Money 

Someone really really really wants to find Mary Grobe. A bizarre story.

Here's one source:

Missing Butler County Missouri Woman

Last seen at her residence in Poplar Bluff, MO by her oldest grandchild (Amy Bridgewater) around 2:00pm walking with her dog BB, walking in the direction of her swing in her side yard. Saturday September 27,2003

Foul play is suspected in her disappearance.

Disputes with out of town family members resulted in Mary's disappearance on two seperate occasions and Mary Grobe was brought home, after police involvement forced the cooperation of the out of town family members.

Out of town family members from the Wentzville, MO area also filed a lawsuit against Mary Grobe when she signed over her own personal property to a local son....

On the second incident of Mary's disappearance, she came home with nursing home pamphlets from the St.Louis and Kansas City MO areas. It is her Poplar Bluff famiy's belief that Mary has been placed in one of these nursing homes or with a caregiver that keeps elderly in their home.

Only the Wentzville MO family believe that Mary Grobe is dead. They speak of her murder and of a horrible crime. Poplar Bluff family have never been aware of such a crime other than kidnapping, but is upset of the continued reports from this family member that she was indeed murdered.

Wentzville Mo family are also members of the Jehovah's witness program and it is also possible that Mary could be held against her will in some type of underground facility....

To this day Poplar Bluff Family report that the Wentzville MO family send them photos of Mary Lee Grobe's headstone (Headstone-where she intended to be burried next to her deceased husband someday in the future). These such photos and letters exlplaining that Mary Grobe was brutally murdered get mailed out to them on the holidays. The last was just received from Joyce Caldwell from Wentzville MO the week of Thanksgiving November 2005. Headstone photos and letters describing Mary Grobe's horrible murder was received by Mary's children and her grandchildren. I guess if you do not believe in such a holiday, then it is a desire to ruin it for the rest of the family....

And here's another reference:

A family dispute started when Mary signed over her ownership of propery to one of her sons. It is obvious that two daughters from Wentzville MO area did not approve and thought it unfair that they did not receive anything in return. A two year court battle proceeded with their Mother.

Two of Mary's seven children decided to get an attorney and file a lawsuit against their Mother. They accused her of being ignorant and not knowing what she wanted to do. If you read sites put out by her daughter Joyce, then you will hear her described as child like, alzheimers like, and had dimensia. None of the following was ever stated by her family physician. She did, however, have two strokes. One in 1976, and one in 1999. They effected the speach part of her brain. She could think the words, but sometimes they would not come out the way she intended them to. By the time she was taken from her home in 2003, this had greatly improved....

One of the Wentzville daughters died in her sleep. The other one came and took Mary Grobe to Wentzville before any family was notified of the death of their sibling. This was not approved by the public administrator that this Wentzville women wanted appointed.

The public administrator did OK it after she was notified by phone and Mary was already removed from Butler County.

Mary's daughter was burried near where she lived. Mary Grobe asked to come home. Her Wentzville Daugter would not allow her to come home. Family watched this daughter shove Mary Grobe by the top of her head into a car and taken back to Wentzville MO against her will. Family all stood in the grave yard as they were told that they would never see Mary Grobe again. Police was notified of this threat.

After at least a week, the public administrator advised the Wentzville daughter to bring Mary Grobe home or she would get the police involved. Butler County officers were advised of the situation. Mary Grobe was then brought home.

Upon her return, she revealed that she had been taken to nursing homes and had pamphlets from the St. Louis area and the differents homes she had toured with her daughter.

Six months later....Mary is gone AGAIN.

Mary reportedly told a house keeper that she was expecting her daughter into town from Wentzville, but could not tell anyone per the daughter. Witness reported this to the Butler County officers.

This daughter was the very one whom called the Public Administrator and reported her missing bright and early on Monday morning.

Suprisingly, she knew she was missing from 3 hours away before anyone else knew that she was indeed a MISSING PERSON.

Now this same daughter has been telling family (Who believe Mary Grobe is still alive) that their Mother/Grandmother has been murdered and OH WHAT A HORRIBLE CRIME.

Maybe this Wentzville MO daughter knows more than Mary's children that have been close by her side all these years, but why would she know so much. What is she not telling?

The Wentzville MO family are members of the jehovah witness program and do not celebrate holidays like the rest of the family.

JOYCE CALDWELL, of Wentzville MO, does send things to her family on the holidays. I guess because they DO CELEBRATE. She also makes sure she encloses a nice photograph of a headstone. It is the headstone of Eugene Grobe (Mary's deceased husband. The family's Father/Grandfather) and Mary Grobe's name is right beside his. She proceeds to tell family in her letters that this photo is where her mother wants to be. I would find it cruel to want to put someone in the ground, when they are still alive.
Please help us find MARY GROBE. Family believes that she is still alive. Family feels that she has been put in a nursing home or is in a private home based care facility....

Here's something FROM Joyce Caldwell (and others):

Joyce Caldwell, daughter of Mary Lee Grobe, announced a $100,000 reward in her Mother’s case. The money is donated by Joe Mammana, a Philadelphia Philanthropist who has become famous for posting “bounty money” as he refers to it on behalf of crime victims. Mammana posts a bounty, of $10,000 for Mary’s body or any of her remains.

And here's something else from Joyce:

Amy Bridgewater Grobe wants to mislead people!

Posted By: Joyce
Date: Monday, 3 October 2005, at 10:47 p.m.

The posts on here by Amy Bridgewater Grobe show her true colors and her outright lack of integrity and honesty. She has outright lied many times to try and shift the focus off her and her Poplar Bluff family. Look at how she took the original newspaper article and edited to fit her own vile motives. How sick she is! How could anyone every believe anything she says now. Only a fool would believe her. She was able to fool people at first but now they are wising up. It is just a matter of time now. She should be happy there is a reward for her Grandmother but obviously she doesn’t want the truth to come out. Look at the lessons she is teaching her young son, Wade.

The original truthful unedited by Amy article from the 9-14-05 edition of the DAR in Poplar Bluff, MO can be read at:


Amy needs to realize that the ship is going down. She has to decide if she is going down with it.

The only forums that Amy can post on are the ones that aren’t monitored. The reputable ones have deleted and/or banned her.


This resulted in a response from Barb:

Re: Amy Bridgewater Grobe wants to mislead people!

Posted By: Barb
Date: Tuesday, 4 October 2005, at 6:26 a.m.

In Response To: Amy Bridgewater Grobe wants to mislead people! (Joyce)

First of all, Joyce Ann, you need to get your facts straight. Amys' legal name is: Amy Grobe Bridgewater. Now, I really don't think YOU want to get into a discussion about "lack of integrity and honesty". With all the lies you have been telling. Answer the question, Joyce...you know WHAT the question is... In case you have forgotten, I will recap...in YOUR words, you state..."Amy, you know your Grandmother was brutally murdered and a horrific crime has been committed against her..." YOU are the ONLY person in the family that has made that statement... How do you know that mom was "brutally murdered" and a "horrific crime" was committed against her? Personally, I think a crime was committed just by removing mom from her home, dog and family members...horrific? I don't know that I would go that far... But. when YOU state that mom was "BRUTALLY" murdered AND a "HORRIFIC CRIME" was committed against her...and YOU are the ONLY one making that accusation, it makes me think that YOU were probably with mom when she was "BRUTALLY MURDERED" and the "HORRIFIC CRIME" was committed against her. Please answer the question. I have been researching the group of people you "hang with" these days...a couple of articles have proven very interesting reading...they are on the web, check them out..."Why Jehovah Witness' Lie in Court" and "Why Jehovah Witness' Have Mental Problems..." And before you start in about using religion as a "smoke screen", save it...your "religion" (as you call it...I call it a cult) has a lot to do with the disappearence of your mom.

And Amy herself appeared:

Joyce Ann Grobe Caldwell of Wentzville

Posted By: Amy Grobe Bridgewater
Date: Monday, 3 October 2005, at 11:28 p.m.

In Response To: Amy Bridgewater Grobe wants to mislead people! (Joyce)


Have you totally lost your ever loving mind? Throw my name around all you want to. I have nothing to hide. I am well known in Poplar Bluff and you are beginning to be well known yourself. No one in Poplar Bluff hurt Grandmother. I have not been banned from any site, but several members of the family have and they have all been fighting with you. You were banned as well, right? I am proud the reward is out there, but if you would only tell what you did with Grandmother THIS TIME, it would sure make things a lot easier. Calm down Joyce and take a pill or something. Maybe you can get another appointment with your psychiatrist and maybe he can hypnotize you, so you will remember where you put my Grandmother. Just a suggestion, but you claim it worked before. Grandma told me.

Don't worry about my son. He is a happy 6 year old boy and has a wonderful family, just like I do. I am not the one who was disowned by this wonderful family. I see all of them often and the ones who are out of town phone often. You are the one who was banned from your own family and you kidnapped one to keep control of her yourself. How sad is that Joyce? The truth will come out. I am sorry that the truth upsets you so badly. Do you truly not remember all that you have done? Well, we do and Grandmother does.

I bet you would like to sink me on a ship, but that will not happen. You do not scare me with any of your threats. You are only powerful enough to inflict pain upon the elderly and you live in fear each day. Fear that you will be caught and you should. We are waiting for you to goof up. I will continue to wait.

********************************************************************* He that believeth of the Son hath everlasting life and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life: but the wrath of God abedeth on him. John 3:36

Trust Spiderman to inject some sense into this discussion:

Re: Missing Poplar Bluff Woman

Posted By: Concerned
Date: Saturday, 1 October 2005, at 5:05 p.m.

In Response To: Missing Poplar Bluff Woman (Family of Mary Grobe)

What concerns me is that this family is more embroiled in hurting each other and accusations that they have lost site of the fact that Mary is missing and she is the important one here. There is time when and if Mary is found to point fingers. Is it not best left up to God and the courts to do this. I suspect that the one who truly loved Mary far beyond anyone is her dog BB. He loved her unconditionally. Stayed by her side and NEVER accused or harmed her. Would it no be wonderful if humans could show the same love and respect that species below us do? Yes, sadly Mary is probably gone and yes I believe a family member was involved, but I also believe that he who protests the loudest has something to hide. Miss Amy you are eager to throw accusations, perhaps you stop and take a look at how you are looking in the publics eyes. You saw her last, ya know it is easy to hide in plain site. Wake up girl and sit tight because I have a feeling your wild ride is about to begin.

Well, I can agree that dogs are cool.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Yes, there are several people who want the Mary Lee Grobe case solved. If it were your family member that was missing, wouldn’t you want it solved? Unfortunately there are several people who do not want this case solved hence why the big disagreement. Mary was a 74 year old legally (in a court of law with trained medical specialist rulings) declared incompetent child-like elderly widow from Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

None of this should have happened. We asked the Butler County, Missouri Public Administrator, Sharron Payne, to put Mary Lee Grobe in a safe environment many times but she refused. What was her motive for ignoring us? Who was she protecting? It was NOT Mary Lee Grobe.

Within the letter of the sometimes mixed up law, the sheriff of Butler County, Missouri has made it very clear who the suspect in the Mary Lee Grobe case is and who it isn’t. Poplar Bluff is in Butler County, Missouri. Notice, that the Sheriff uses the masculine pronoun of “he”, and further describes the suspect as being a “local from Poplar Bluff” when he was interviewed by the Daily American Republic in May 2005.

Sheriff Mark Dobbs doesn't want any stone left unturned.

"We've initiated several tests trying to eliminate people who have been involved questioned several people. Thus far we've only run into one individual we can't seem to eliminate."

The Sheriff wouldn't say if the person is a family member, but he does say he is a local from Poplar Bluff.



The Sheriff says he's not worried about the family's objections; he'll just focus on the task at hand.
"We feel we have sufficient means and persons to take care of the investigation," he says.

Family members in Poplar Bluff say they have no problems being interrogated as long as their family members in St. Louis are questioned as well.

Sheriff Dobbs says that's already been done.

Unfortunately, some family members either refuse to open their eyes or they are trying to conceal a crime. I’m not sure which it is or if it is a little of both. Barb Grobe of Frisco Texas and Amy Grobe Bridgewater of Poplar Bluff, MO; both of whom are relatives of Kenny Grobe, have spent many keystrokes trying to change the true story and accuse someone else so they can declare their loved one as being innocent. Amy is Kenny Grobe’s daughter who is now living on her Grandmother’s property and Barb Grobe is Kenny Grobe’s sister in law who has her own motives. They are grasping at straws and becoming more irrational as time goes on and their world crumbles. It reminds me of the Scott Peterson’s family.

Even if you love someone, it isn’t loving to cover up a terrible crime. The truth needs to come out. The lies need to stop. Mary Lee Grobe was innocent and deserved better, now she at least deserves a proper burial.

We need to protect our elderly and we need to hold criminals accountable for the wicked things they do especially when it involved innocent defenseless elderly people.

Where is Mary

The following website summarizes 300 U.S. court cases and lawsuits affecting children of Jehovah's Witness Parents, including dozens of cases where the JWParents refused to consent to life-saving blood transfusions:



This website summarizes 160 United States court cases and lawsuits filed by Jehovah's Witnesses against Employers:


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