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Sunday, December 11, 2005

John and Ken need to be eliminated from the public airwaves, says HighJive 

As I recently noted, HighJive said the following:

There’s a California campaign supporting the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams. However, the effort is the brainchild of a pair of radio shock jocks hosting “The John and Ken Show” on KFI-AM. The Los Angeles Times wrote, “Their broadcasts have drawn outrage from those who perceive whispers of racism coursing through radio dialogues that have included one of the hosts reading Williams’ co-written ‘Gangs and Drugs’ book in an affected street accent, mocking the speech of some of Williams’ African American defenders.” Regardless of your personal stance on the issue, one thing is clear: John and Ken need to be eliminated from the public airwaves.

Similar thoughts - or maybe dissimilar thoughts - or maybe really dissimilar thoughts - were expressed in the one-post blog Guerilla Legal:

I recently read about the racist California radio show, "The John and Ken Show", hosted on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles County, recently called for the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams, on a racist segment of their show titled "Tookie Must Die", calling for the execution of Tookie Williams, who, while incarcerated, formulated the Crips-Bloods peace treaty and called both Crips and Bloods to start working together to strengthen the Black community in the United States in preparation for the soon coming Black Revolution in Ameica. I strongly condemn the anti-Black racist comments made by John and Ken and their radio show, and urge American Blacks to riot against the racist United States government in retaliation for the racists comments made by John and Ken on their radio show and in the event of a denial of Clemency for Tookie Williams by California governer Arnold Shwarzenagger (R) California.

Prometheus 6 interjected the following comments into a reprint of an LA Times article:

"John and Ken" are weak minded assholes who have nothing but knee-jerk fear and a lust for the American death ritual....

[The show is] two yahoos pulling all the racist tricks out of the bag....

Understand...if you use racism methods [reading Williams' co-written "Gangs and Drugs" book in an affected street accent, mocking the speech of some of Williams' African American defenders] to support your non-racist intent, guess what YOU are?

You're a fucking racist, that's what. And it don't take deep thought to figure out.

And Dr. Tax weighs in:

Today, the pot and pan bangers in LA on KFI made some outrageous claims about the 48 CD race in which an American Independent Party candidate is running against a GOP candidate. John Campbell, who is currently a state senator and running for congress and favored to win, is running against a guy who left the GOP a couple of years ago to join the permanently minority party of the AIP. His single issue is immigration. The pot and panners - John and Ken - have made increasingly silly comments about immigration over the last six months - evidently in a desparate attempt to gain the entire share of xenophobes to their listening audience. Again, claims which are demonstratably false.

So, are John and Ken racist xenophobes? Yes they are. And anyone who was listening to their show on Friday, December 9 between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm knows this for a fact. Yes, they took an openly racist attitude during the last hour of their show on Friday, stating publicly and repeatedly that they would not air calls from members of certain races during that last hour. In fact, during that hour they would only air calls from a single race. Doesn't that offend you? Doesn't that shock you? Doesn't that make your blood boil that in the twenty-first century, a major radio station in a major market would dare to participate in such racist activities?

Of course people who WERE listening during that last hour are probably laughing themselves silly at the moment. But perhaps the self-styled representatives of the Black (always a capital B) community will pick up a whiff of this and proclaim John and Ken racist yet again.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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