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Friday, December 09, 2005

Fox Sports Radio, Krystal Fernandez - What's Up, What's Happening, What's Going On 

I love to quote old Van Earl Wright stuff. Let's start with the latest Krystal Fernandez pronouncement and puzzle over it:

Subject: Krystal Fernandez's Message to Her Fans
Posted by: screamformelong
Posted on: 12/01/05 07:37 PM

I found this message from Krystal to her yahoo fan group http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/KrystalFernandez/message/102 >>>>

Just checking in with the group. As you all know, our little show has
changed quite a bit. All I know for now, is that I will be on the
Drive with Chris Myers and Brian Cox. For how long, I'm not sure. I
hope you guys will listen. My role will become bigger in time is
what I'm told.
Anyway, thanks for all the emails and I hope to have more infromation
for you all soon.

Take care and talk soon...



Lola says hi too!

And no, I didn't know that her little show had changed quite a bit. I don't get Fox Sports Radio in Los Angeles while I'm driving, but it sounds like the management is Making Flippy Floppy. And as I pat myself on the back for referring to Talking Heads and Marvin Gaye in the same post, I'm going to survey some recent posts at radio-info.com in reverse chronological order ('cause that's how I'm reading 'em, kalapepper):

Subject: Extravaganza
Posted by: MrRadioGuy
Posted on: 12/09/05 05:37 PM

With their flip flopping recently. I got to say I was skeptical at first, but I enjoyed Siciliano & Sedano this week. I thought Andrew & George surprisingly did good. I especially liked when George cracked on Andrew & kept calling him a geek....
Subject: Tony Bruno & David Stein
Posted by: mainmanX
Posted on: 12/08/05 01:22 PM

Could anyone tell me, since I don't get Sporting News radio where I'm at, have Bruno or Stein had anything to say on-air about their experience with Fox Sports Radio, and why they left?
Subject: FSR
Posted by: Young-Will
Posts: 19
Status: Offline
Posted on: 12/06/05 05:39 PM

Nothing better than promoting someone who left to work for a competitor on your stations website...


I started listening to FSR on Sportstalk 980 when I was interning at WTOP in DC. That was the summer of 2001. The network has gone into the toilet. Van Earl was definately not a good fit, Stein was ok, but I can't take Farrell in the morning. I grew up in Philly and used to listen to him on WYSP at night. AT NIGHT. I can't take that voice in the morning. Not a good way to start the day....
Subject: Third Shift and Extravaganza Flip Flop Next Week
Posted by: EDavis
Posted on: 12/02/05 03:15 PM

Make any conclusions you want but next week on Fox

Sedano and Siciliano will be hosting the Extravaganza (6AM-9AM PST) and Scott Ferrall will be hosting the Third Shift along with Karen Kay (11PM - 3AM PST).
Subject: I bet Andrew S. Wishes he had stuck with Bruno
Posted by: ocradiofreak
Posted on: 12/02/05 02:50 PM

Andrew Sciliano has to be upset that he is now doing overnights instead of being the morning show sidekick. I thought he and Bruno did well together, but now I definitely think that Mark Willard is 100 times better with Tony. Sporting News is definitely better than FOX now.
Subject: Stein moves to Sporting News
Posted by: zoneguy
Posted on: 11/30/05 10:50 PM

Just got a release from Sporting News Radio that they have hired David Stein to replace Kevin Wheeler on the weekday overnights 2AM-6AM et.
Subject: FSR Changes Extravaganza Again...
Posted by: shooterz
Posted on: 11/23/05 09:01 PM

This just in...

Effective immediately, David Stein is no longer an employee of Fox Sports Radio. Scott Ferrall will host "The Extravaganza on Fox" TFN.

From Fox Sports Radio...

Wow. I never heard David Stein, since the Morning Extravaganza was yanked for Mancow or Greaseman or whoever while Van Earl Wright was still hosting the show, but that's an awfully quick departure...though not perhaps for radio.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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