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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Scott Is Innocent? 

Anyone who's listened to John and Ken for more than two months knows that they've spent a lot of time bashing Scott Peterson. Even today, while they're obviously concentrating on Tookiemania, they make references to Scott's execution in 24 years or so.

When Scott has exhausted his appeals and his execution date draws near, it's doubtful that Jesse Jackson and Bianca Jagger will be leading the charge to spare his life. Instead, we'll turn to Marlene Newell, Nadia Taze, and Candace Marra, co-owners of a website with the name Scott Is Innocent. The purpose of the website:

SII was launched on December 26, 2003 by Marlene Newell to advocate Scott Peterson's right to a presumption of innocence. SII's current mission is fourfold:

1. to make available to the general public a complete and accurate historical record of this conviction

2. to advocate the factual innocence of Scott Peterson based on the known evidence

3. to use this conviction to call attention to problems in our criminal justice system

4. to support the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Laci Peterson.

Who are these three?

Marlene Newell received her BA in English, magna cum laude, from Brigham Young University in 1993; and her MA in English in 1995. She has over 20 years experience as an Executive Assistant and 2 years experience in web design. Her research and critical analysis has uncovered significant problems with the leading expert witness in the Scott Peterson case.

Nadia Taze has 11 years as Executive Assistant in the music and media industry and 4 years working as Programme Assistant within the United Nations. She is accustomed to working under strict confidentiality and deadlines, and is experienced in analyzing the importance of fact, figures, data, etc.

Candace Marra is a published writer of inspirational stories and editorials, and newsletter designer/publisher. Her analysis of the Scott Peterson case and attendance at the "Unlocking Innocenceā€ International Conference on Wrongful Convictions has fueled her determination to prevent wrongful convictions.

Hmm...perhaps published writer Marra can co-author some children's books with Scott. But in the meantime, they're busy - Marra and Newell attended an "Unlocking Innocence" conference in Winnipeg which, among other things, identified five reasons for wrongful convictions:

The Conference focused on 5 factors that are among the primary causes of wrongful convictions: misidentification by eyewitnesses, jailhouse informants, junk science, false confessions, and tunnel vision.

Someone else who may champion Scott's innocence in another quarter century is Dotty Lynch, who wrote about the verdict in December 2004.

Why the death sentence from a jury who had some doubts about the guilty verdict itself? Scott Peterson is hardly the Boy Scout of the month, but he is no Timothy McVeigh....

You don't have to have sympathy for Scott Peterson to question whether the punishment fits the evidence and to wonder why so few have come forward to object to the sentence. The liberal elites washed their dainty hands of the tawdry trial and now even the cables seem to feel that this is a nice clean end to a story that has about run out of string....

That 25 percent [that oppose the death penalty] is rather quiet this week. We hear no outrage from the Catholic bishops, MoveOn.org or the Democrats in Congress or the state houses. Democrats in search of moral values have decided to take a pass on this one. Groups who oppose the death penalty have started framing their arguments in evidentiary or economic terms rather than moral ones....

The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty may also join the fray. They have a page devoted to Scott:


Thank You
To me, the amount of support we have received is just incredible.
Those who have decided to reach out to our family have made such a difference.
The thoughtfulness and benevolence shown is a source of strength and spirit,
an affirmation of considerate community. In every conversation among our
family there is always the mention of your thoughts and letters.
At mail call I am encouraged by, and enjoy hearing from people.
I wish I could respond to express my gratitude, and continue to correspond.
However, people having sold my notes, and sometimes fabricating content,
preclude me from doing so. It is an irritating, unfortunate situation.
I am tremendously appreciative of your kindness,
it has such a wonderful positive effect upon our family."

- SCOTT PETERSON; July 21/05, San Quentin State Prison, California

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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