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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

But I really wanted a pony 

A co-worker sent several of us a document with the comment,

It makes a great Christmas gift!

I replied,

(Personally I would have preferred a pony, but I'll take whatever Christmas present I can get.)

Oftentimes we don't get the present we wanted. Take Jamie Foxx:

Actor JAMIE FOXX, who turns 38 on the same day former gang leader STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS is sentenced to die by lethal injection, has issued another plea for clemency - saying Williams' spared life would be his ultimate birthday gift.

Well, as you may have heard by now, Foxx didn't get his present. Oba Saint Stanley Tookie Williams died early this morning.

But Foxx was apparently not at San Quentin last night with Jesse Jackson, Mike Farrell, Al Rantell, John and Ken, or the others. He had another invitation:

Terrell Owens and 19 current Eagles players celebrated T.O.'s birthday last night, the day after the team was knocked out of playoff contention....

Among the celebrities on the guest list were Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. It isn't known if any of those celebs showed up for the event.

As I noted above, Jesse was not present at Terrell's party.

As the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams was announced early this morning, the crowd of nearly 2,000 at the prison gates stood in stunned silence for a few moments, then erupted in chants.

"Death row, hell no" and "No justice, no peace," many shouted....

The crowd included celebrities such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson, singer Joan Baez and actor Mike Farrell of "MASH" TV fame.

Jackson also visited with Williams a few hours before his scheduled execution. He said the convicted killer encouraged his supporters to remain calm upon his death.

"The last thing we need tonight is for people feeling pain, feeling let down, to recycle that pain as street frustration," Jackson said.

Like many others in the crowd, Jackson said he was upset by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to not to grant clemency.

"Clemency is not based on guilt or innocence," Jackson said. "Clemency is based upon redemption and it's based upon grace and he's earned that by the virtue of his work. ... He'll be martyred as a force for good."

Although they were greatly outnumbered, a few people supported the execution. Earlier in the afternoon, John Zigler [sic], a talk-show host with radio station KFI in Los Angeles, asked crowd members if they could name a single one of Williams' victims.

Rudy Thered, a 36-year-old Sacramento resident, carried photos of three of the four people killed by Williams.

"I represent the people who have to work tonight, the real people of California," Thered said. "The victims lose their personality and the accused is given time to establish one."

Well, John "Zigler" (actually Ziegler) got one of his predictions correct:

John Ziegler's 2005 Probabilities

(changes day to day based upon events!)

O.J. Simpson Comes On JZ Show 0%
Robert Blake Pays Off Judgement 0%
Scott Peterson Dies While JZ Still At KFI 5%
Tiger Woods Reveals Himself as God 1%
Major Terrorist Attack In USA in 2005 1%
Osama bin Laden is captured in 2005 3%
USC beats Texas 65%
Dems "Approve" of Alito 40%
Governor Admits He's a Democrat 20%
"Tookie" Dies on Dec. 13 75%
Jim Gilchrist Wins Seat in Congress 0%

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

According to Merriam Webster, grace is defined as “unmerited divine assistance given to man”. It is not earned. As a reverend, Jackson should know this. And I never got a pony, either.
But I think we agree that the grace in this case would have been unmerited. :)

Still haven't figured out what god Tookie believed in.
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