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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yes, we must commercialize Christmas 

From a letter to the Austin American Statesman:

Re: Dec. 7 article, "For some, Bush card unfaithful to holiday":

I am dumbstruck that some people identified as religious conservatives have been pressuring stores to advertise "Christmas sales" rather than "holiday specials" and that Jim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, has called for a boycott of Target because its "holiday ad circular . . . did not mention Christmas."

I grew up listening to my pastor's annual sermon decrying the commercialization of Christ's birthday. I wonder if Wildmon and other leaders like him really believe that the Christian faith can be advanced by pressuring merchants to use the birth of Christ as a sales gimmick. What will these leaders advocate next — a representation of the infant Jesus to sell toys? The image of Christ crucified to sell first aid kits?

When the commercial and the sacred are intermingled, it is the sacred that suffers.


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