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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The kids weren't with the program 

Joanne Jacobs links to an East Bay Express article. Note how the racist (and therefore fascist) East Bay Express makes a big point about the hair color of Stefanie Faucher:

Then the strawberry-blond guest lecturer, dressed in sensible khakis and a turquoise V-neck sweater, passed out a flier headlined "The Apology." It was a 1997 statement in which Williams took responsibility for the spread of gang violence from South Central Los Angeles to South Africa, and said he now regretted it. He also wrote that he'd found "the Almighty" and was no longer "dys-educated."

"How do we feel about this?" Faucher asked. "Is this expected from the founder of the Crips, to ask for forgiveness?"

"People on death row always talk like that," said David Pompa, a student in the back row wearing baggy black clothing and a camouflage-patterned Oakland Raiders cap.

Faucher looked around. "Anyone else?"

"Mumia didn't talk like that," said another student, drawing laughs.

Pompa, the dissenter, tried again. "He's talking like that because he's going to die."

A few awkward laughs trickled from the class.

"There's a lot of other Crips in prison," Faucher said. "I don't know of any others who've written apologies or started up Web sites. What do we think of that?"

"He's trying to get himself out of a bad situation," Pompa said, now exasperated....

"There is actually little evidence to suggest Tookie Williams was actually guilty of the crimes he's accused of," Faucher told the class. "He was convicted by virtually an all-white jury. So what do we think of the criminal justice system?"

Several students hissed and sighed.

"You're putting too much on this," Pompa chimed in. "He's trying to blame someone else for what he did. It's like, when you break something at home and you tell your parents someone else did it. ... He's just trying to kiss ass now."...

Faucher also bashed the poor quality of attorneys who represent death-row inmates. "I know, for one, I can't afford a two-million-dollar attorney like ... like, Johnnie Cochran."

"Johnnie Cochran's dead," senior Angelina Johnson replied....

Then Johnson asked Faucher, "Does Arnold even have his citizenship?"

"No," Faucher replied. "He doesn't."

"How can he be our governor then?" she asked.

Faucher took a step back and reconsidered. "I don't actually know if he's gotten his citizenship," she conceded. She looked to the other adults for help. There were no takers.

"I want to get back to Tookie's case," she said. "If you think Tookie Williams is worth keeping alive, I'll give you a way for your voice to be heard. Attend a rally with Snoop Dogg."

The teenagers burst into roars.

"Now," Faucher said, passing out fliers for the event, "does anyone want to guess why Snoop Dogg would want to come support Tookie?"

"'Cause he's a Crip," one student said.

"You gotta help a member," another said.

Faucher paused. "Think that's the only reason why Snoop might want to help out?"


From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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