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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm not always contrarian 

I live in Ontario, and therefore I subscribe to the Ontario paper. (Not contrarian in this case, I guess.) Which means I don't get to read the Los Angeles one (what's it's name?). If I did, I would have seen this earlier:

December 10, 2005

Too much talk clouds a surreal afterlife
Glass Soup A Novel Jonathan Carroll Tor: 318 pp., $24.95

By Anne Boles Levy, Special to The Times

Yeah, that Anne Boles Levy. Turns out that her professional writing style is similar to her amateur writing style. That is not the case for me, since my professional and amateur writing styles are distinctly different. Here are some doctored-up examples (can't reveal that employer, you know):

The Orange County division of Megacorp is dedicated to continuous process improvement, and was recently assessed at SEI CMM level 3. This demonstrates that process improvements have been implemented throughout the division.
So then when Tookie moves on to wherever he's going (maybe NOT a very bad place), the other prisoners will just sing "Hey hey, goodbye." (Steam, I think.)

For a look inside the world of the high-paid writer, read the post here. It dispels the myth that all editors are heartless, untalented creatures:

They lopped a bit off, but the editing was so sensitive -- and sensible -- I can't complain.

A sensitive editor? Is that what happened to the ex-members of Bread - they got editing gigs at the Times?

Perhaps someday I'll get off my duff and write professionally. [OE NOTE: IN THE FIRST DRAFT OF THIS ENTRY, I STOLE A LINE PREMATURELY. I'M A SENSITIVE SELF-EDITOR.]

To be fair, I should also promote BookBuds. Done. Check. Actually, Anne reviews an interesting book with a Yiddish Scrooge dealing with the holiday of Hanukkah. (If redemption isn't appropriate, what about atonement? Argh. Sorry. No links this time.)

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Well, not sensitive as in they wept big crocodile tears as they hacked away. The editor made sure my main arguments and cleverest phrases remained intact. But she was forced to trim ferociously after the production dept. cut 13 lines from the space allotted for the story.

These things happen in print publications. You learn not to be sensitive about your deathless prose (which by now most people have tossed into the recycling bin anyway).

Thanks for all the links!
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