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Monday, February 07, 2005

More Reactions to Super Bowl 39
Nobody – but nobody – was worried when Paul McCartney stripped off his jacket midway through his halftime performance at the Super Bowl. NFL officials wanted a safe halftime show after last year’s Janet Jackson fiasco, and McCartney delivered....McCartney’s theatrical James Bond theme Live and Let Die was a perfect backdrop for a stadium fireworks show.

One uncomplicated ad shone through among a mediocre crop of Super Bowl spots....Anheuser-Busch (BUD) is tough to beat among advertisers for best Super Bowl ad, and this year's game was no exception....The spot was effective for its simplicity. Veterans in fatigues are walking through an airport with their belongings, apparently home on a respite and cycling through a commercial airport. Onlookers buried in their newspapers, working in eateries, and waiting on line become aware of the group of vets and slowly begin clapping....It's my experience that the simplest, most uncomplicated storylines work best in advertisements, whether the goal is humor or pathos. This spot, created by DDB Chicago, was easily the best commercial in the game.

The New England Patriots became a modern football dynasty, long-suffering Philadelphia fans had their hearts broken anew and the Super Bowl halftime wardrobe functioned perfectly....The Patriots became the seventh team to win at least three Super Bowls. They equaled the feat of the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s, who became the team of that decade by winning three championships from 1993-96.

Shocking news from Sunday's Super Bowl -- the most interesting stuff happened on the field, not during commercial breaks or halftime stripteases. The actual game eclipsed the sideshows.

Going into Sunday's (Feb. 6) Super Bowl, it's unclear how many viewers knew what GoDaddy.com was, or what it did. One Super Bowl commercial later, it's still unclear if most viewers could tell you that GoDaddy has something to do with selling Internet domain names at low low prices, but millions of men could probably identify the company's comely spokesmodel. According to the good people at TiVo, the first few seconds of the GoDaddy ad, in which an attractive and busty woman very nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction in front of a Senate committee, were the most replayed moments of any commercial during the game. As for fans of the actual sporting event, Teddy Bruschi's fourth quarter interception, which helped seal the game for the New England Patriots, was the most TiVoed play. The most TiVoed moment of the entire telecast was when FOX put up a number for viewers to cast their own votes for the game's MVP.

"The halftime show was very classy," said Michelle Hicks, 24, of Hattiesburg. "The last several years, it has been, 'What more can we do?' The flashier it got, you knew something like (the Jackson incident) was going to happen. This year, Paul McCartney just played his music and everybody got to enjoy it."

"The halftime was boring," said Candace Everett, 17, who watched the Super Bowl with seven friends. "Oh, it was so horrible. I'm not a Paul McCartney fan. Everybody said it was Janet Jackson's fault. But I would rather see that than what we had tonight."

And the two least-liked ads: "Go Daddy.com, the committee hearings and McDonald's Abraham Lincoln French fry and Chicken Select spots.

And, from the godaddy.com website:

To view the Super Bowl® ad and our "Full Hearing" complete the fields below and click "View Video".

Actual "Approved" TV Ad
The Full "Web Only" Censorship Hearing

There is also a transcript:



MS. NIKKI CAPPELLI, GODADDY.COM PROCEEDINGS: Yes, I'd like to be on a commercial.

PARSONS: What will you be advertising?

CAPPELLI: GoDaddy.com.


CAPPELLI: It's a Web site where you can register dot.com names for only $8.95 a year.

MS. ELEANOR FLATOW, GODADDY.COM PROCEEDINGS: And what exactly will you be doing on this commercial?

CAPPELLI: I could do a routine where I went like this.

MR. TOM ROSSANO, GODADDY.COM PROCEEDINGS: Oh. Surely by now you must realize that you're upsetting the committee.

CAPPELLI: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset the committee.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: May I suggest a turtleneck?


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