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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Perhaps the escapee knew Nance's wife 

Things get weird in celebritydom. Before his disgrace, Christopher Nance was the celebrity of choice for an escaped convict:

KNBC(TV) Los Angeles weatherman Christopher Nance waited at Hawthorne Memorial Park late Monday, July 16 [2001], for escaped prisoner Kevin Jerome Pullum to surrender to him, but Pullum, convicted of attempted murder, never showed.

The station had received a call from someone claiming to be the Pullum, who said he would surrender to Nance and a camera crew. Nance was not in the station at the time but was contacted along with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. The man claiming to be Pullum did not appear.

A second call was received at the station, a surrender set up with a camera crew as witness, but again no escapee, and the massive manhunt for Pullum continued into the latter part of last week.

The station said it was unsure why it, or Nance, had been contacted.

Pullum was captured a few days later:

Kevin Jerome Pullum, who escaped from jail by showing a fake ID with a picture of Eddie Murphy, is back behind bars, Reuters reports. "An eagle-eyed police officer, tipped off by local homeless people, spotted Pullum despite the fact that he had shaved his head, his goatee and his eyebrows in a bid to disguise himself. Police said he was nervous and produced another fake ID. 'Every time we put a picture near him, he ducked his head. He wouldn't make eye contact. . . . He became extremely nervous,' Officer Lee Perry told reporters."

But Pullum didn't spend his free days with Nance or Murphy, opting instead for the company of one Carmen Ford:

Escaped convict Kevin Jerome Pullum spent his first weekend of freedom with his girlfriend in downtown Los Angeles, just blocks from the county jail that he had fled. As sheriff's deputies were conducting seven wristband counts and six jailhouse searches before finally announcing on July 9 that he had escaped, Pullum was enjoying a romantic stay with his girlfriend, Carmen Ford, who said she was unaware he was on the lam, the Los Angeles Times reported.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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