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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Matt Powell Responds 

...to this post, making a point about selective quoting of scripture (in this case, my concentration on the first verses of Psalm 22).

I've heard these Psalms referred to before to defend what U2 does. But you quote just a small part of the Psalm, which were making a definite Messianic prophecy, and which conclude with victory and faith in God.

As I said, U2 never expresses that. They express the opposite, complete lack of faith in God. As I said even in the part that you quoted, their lack of faith in God and attacks on God for not living up to Bono's expectations of what God ought to be doing are never countered with any expressions of trust and faith in God, as the Psalmist always does. So I don't know if you thought your point was to somehow refute my point, but the Psalms are a very poor place to go for support for what U2 does. And as I said in the original post, I'm not judging the man's soul. I'm just judging the so-called "spiritual" nature of his work. It's not spiritual, it's blasphemous.

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