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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Why I Am A Threat To Society, From Academia-Land 

Where: Starbucks, 203 Yale, Claremont, CA 91711
When (GMT): Saturday, 18 February, 2006, 0530

Because Starbucks is a responsible corporation that wants to encourage world peace and wonderful things in communities, the Claremont Starbucks (down the street from the Claremont Colleges (of Kerri Dunn fame) had one of them word game thingies that they encouraged you to play. You know those word magnets that you can arrange in sentences? Well, the Starbucks version has the expected words ("venti," "short," etc.) plus some socially responsible words ("volunteer," etc.). The idea was that you would take the words and put them together into socially responsible sentences, thus contributing to the betterment of society in general.

I didn't play the game. Here's what I created:

tall cool children think grant can only pour like short kids

Well, perhaps I came up with something socially responsible without knowing it. Because this entry had not been posted, a Google search of the words in the phrase would yield pristine information. And the first entry seemed to bear this out, since it came from PBS:

Episode 329

Finders Keepers

The kids and dragons can't wait to visit the new Dragon Land aquarium, but Wheezie has lost the tickets. Wheezie's friends help her retrace her steps, right back to her very messy room. Everyone pitches in to help Wheezie clean up and they find the tickets and head back to the aquarium....

Dragon Tune "Friends"

The gang sings about the special people who make you smile and pick you up when you've fallen down.

A Storybook Ending

Enrique is invited to choose a story from Quetzal's Magic Story Book. He recognizes a picture of a young Quetzal, and finds himself inside the story of a quest that Quetzal made in his youth. To find success at Quetzal's quest, the friends have to learn to see things from each other's perspectives.

Isn't that special? I'm sure the next entry will be just as important:

That's right, folks. The Brady Bunch actually think that DICK CHENEY SHOT HIS HUNTING COMPANION ON PURPOSE. That's almost as funny as Ray Nagin thinking the CIA is out to get him.

The moonbats are spinning like mad to get something they can stick the Bush Administration with. Like Sean Penn with a red plastic cup and a boatload of hubris, they slosh venom over the sides in an effort to bail out their reputation.

But in all fairness, I am 100% in favor of gun control. Every man should know how to properly control a firearm.

Meanwhile, the Press Corps is crapping themselves with excitement over the fact that *gasp* the Veep's offices waited 24 hours to release information to the microphone jockeys. Yes, surely it must be a conspiracy, it couldn't have anything at all to do with the fact that, oh, maybe Cheney wanted to make sure this gentleman was properly cared for and all the facts were available before shooting off at the mouth.

Then there's Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Jew-when-it-suits-her and former "Amazing Upside-Down Legged Girl" from the Freako Bros. Traveling Sideshow....

Lemme guess...sunken Volkswagens are spoken there.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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