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Friday, February 24, 2006

Postscript on NBC's Olympic Coverage (They Know Who Kiira Korpi Is) 

[29 Jan 2007 - my Kiira Korpi del.icio.us tags are here.]

Last night, after returning from Vince's Spaghetti and watching a 20 year old Jeremiah Films production on the Mormon Church (a film which had the look and feel of Jack Chick, in a way), I went to my in-progress recording of the NBC Olympics coverage, rewound it, and was surprised to see that NBC actually covered Kiira Korpi's free skate program. Looks like she (understandably) had a bit of nerves (she waited a minute before actually going on the ice to start her routine), but she did well - a lot better than I'd ever do.

People a little more knowledgeable about the sport have made the following comments.

Tuuliiki (must be Italian):

So. Susanna Pöykiö came 13th, Kiira Korpi 16th. Good for Kiira - she was 20th after short program - bad for Susanna, but... it happens.

Incidentally, I believe the NBC commentators described Pöykiö's routine as either "slow" or "sluggish" (I forget what term they used). Frankly I didn't notice the difference.


Kiira Korpi will be good in a few years. She needs to find music and choreography that better suit her... if she doesn't make it big as a model.

Incidentally, the panted one also had this comment about one of the skaters:

Hubba Hubba Tugba. She made up for the lack of the goods that most of the top skaters have, at least in one way. There was fight in the program. Even though she would have liked to have started her program with a two triple toes, she doubled them both, but she didn't let those get her down, going on to hit three triple jumps and two double axels en route to a 21st place finish. There may be better skates and stronger jumps ahead. Additionally, NBC's dedication of the Chevy Olympic moment to her was apt, and worth a look for any kid growing up in America, especially if they're partaking in sport. Hopefully they get the right message: though Tugba's parents sacrificed everything for her talent, she seems to be very grounded and respectful of that, even perhaps a bit in disbelief that her parents did all of that for her.

I haven't seen this Chevy Olympic moment thingie - I'll have to look at that. And here's what was said about the winner:

Shizuka Arakawa delivered a solid program, which, for a few seconds, hearkened back to her 2004 performance. However, it didn't quite have the same attack or passion. She's done it better (for example, with triple-triples), but tonight, it was clearly the best program. Easy jumps, superb Ina Bauer, good footwork, just the minor doubling.

On to Caitlyn:

Kiira Korpi: I now understand why Finland sent her to the Olympics, and why people gush over her. Bright future, if she gets better music/choreography and gets her jumps consistant....

Susanna Poykio: Started with such fabulous combinations, too. Another Romeo and Juliet program. I want a longer version of that fabulous skirt of hers, it is so pretty! (So, I think I have an adoration for brown dresses.)

Also see quotes from Dejah and Rosie (also reproduced here), plus earlier comments from Dejah on the short program (also reproduced here).

Taquito to all of you for your coverage and your knowledge.

Postscript: You know how these Olympic athletes inspire people all over the world? Well, I'm inspired now. If I were ever to assemble my own ice skating routine, it would be something like this:

Let go of railing on the side
Put one foot in front of the other
Refrain from falling on my butt
Stop myself by running into the wall

And under both the new and old scoring systems, I'd get a big fat 0.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)


Me too. My husband played hockey growing up, and his whole family is into it. He tried to teach me to skate when we were dating. I fell and bloodied my elbow. That was the end of my skating career.

I've done research on the Mormon Church before. My daughter is never stepping foot in the state of Utah. Over my dead body!
Skating figured into a couple of my first dates with my wife-to-be. On one, I tumbled around for a little bit, then sat down and watched her skate around. The second one was a skate night sponsored by the school where she was teaching at the time. The third grade kids got a kick out of seeing their teacher's boyfriend.

Any church that believes that Donny Osmond could become a god (or, for that matter, that I could become a god) is open to question.
I'm writing this comment in October 2006. Amazingly, people are STILL coming to this blog post from http://itsetyydytys.org/keskustelu/index.php?topic=1291.50 Taquito, Otaku.
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