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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Krystal Fernandez Resume, Entry 21
Some banter on the Fox Morning Extravaganza about Disney.

Van Earl Wright has season passes, and took his kids to the park last night (Wednesday night). For those who don't know, Disney gets all holidayed up in December, with the British-style storybook carolers and fake snow shooting out of containers and the like. Regardless, the decorations and parades and everything certainly impressed Van Earl's youngest child.

At this point in the radio conversation, Krystal Fernandez volunteered that she used to work at Disneyland, and that was the most fun that she ever had at a job. She was a character, playing Jasmine:

The beautiful Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan, is only a few days short of her 16th birthday; the day on which, by law, she must choose a husband. However, she wants to marry for love, so -- to her father's great dismay -- she keeps turning away her high-born suitors. She then decides to flee the luxuries of the palace for the wild adventure of the marketplace ... where she happens to fall into the company of a young street thief, Aladdin. Headstrong and impetuous, she makes a perfect match for Aladdin, although a street thief is hardly prince material. But after saving the Sultan and the kingdom from the harmful ways of the evil Jafar, Aladdin and Jasmine have all the blessings they need to live "happily ever after."

So it was time for Andrew to get into the act, mentioning that the park is not crowded at all during winter weeknights, and that the best thing to do would be to get drunk, go to Disneyland, and ride the roller coasters. This offended the religious sensitivities of Van Earl and Krystal, who maintained that Thou Shalt Not Go To Disneyland Drunk. It's OK to go that at Magic Mountain, but Thou Shalt Not Do That At Kindly Uncle Walt's Place.

(Incidentally, there are a number of web pages that talk about Disney and religion, but I still haven't found one that explicitly talks about the "Disney religion" itself.)

Back to Andrew - a half an hour later, a caller wanted to know if the show could reinstate Rip Andrew Thursday. The caller didn't want some drunken louts spoiling his family's visit to Disneyland. Andrew's response to the caller - do you think that people would go and do that just because I talked about it on the radio?

(Incidentally, there's a still-ongoing Tony Bruno Extravaganza forum on ezboard.)

I'm all about chuggin' some moonshine & riding Space Mountain! Look for me! I'll be the white trash looking girl with mall bangs and a Def Leperd Tshirt on. Oh, watch the Camero.

Drunk at Disney! That's awesome, why didn't I think of it! Well, it's been awhile since I've been. You have some of the greatest posts man! I'm always entertained!
I have enough problems with rides WITHOUT drinking.

The last time I went on Star Tours at Disneyland, I couldn't do anything for an hour afterwards.

I was on some ride during college, and the ride operator thought it would be a fun idea to send everyone around a second time. I missed a Jonathan Richman concert as a result.

And then there was the time at Kings Dominion (north of Richmond) when I ran from the ride straight to a trash can to...well, you can guess.
Note to self - still need to search for "Disney religion sites."
Krystal Fernandez picture links. Hope that helps.

And I never did search for Disney religion sites. Oh well...
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