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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ontario Mixmaster. Word.
Regarding my off-topic aside:

(Off-topic aside: after several years of an overreaction to the legal issues of Napster v1.0, I've finally song of my own songs into Windows Media Player. Playing right now: "Call of the West.")

Regarding the overreaction - having worked for two software companies in my life, I tend to side with the content owners on piracy issues. In essence, this means that I only keep electronic content that I have legally acquired (either through purchase, or through authorized download).

So not only am I non-trendy, I'm also stubborn. Wonderful qualities, I'm sure.

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, after downloading (oops, I mean "ripping") portions of my legally-acquired collection into my computer, I wrote (oops, I mean "burned") a CD for my enjoyment. This allowed me to remove a bunch of CDs from my car and replace it with a single CD (for now; I'll probably get burn-happy in the future; I go through phases on such things).

So, for the closest modern equivalent to KRRC's "Kazutaka Hori Memorial Hours" (my old college radio show), consider the "Mix 001" CD:

Actually, a real KHMH radio show would have substantially more variability (e.g. "Zither", some Johnny Cash, etc.) - this was a "rock" version.

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