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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another From Borowitz
Here comes another one:

Veteran CBS anchorman withdrew his resignation from the network’s evening newscast today, revealing that his decision to resign had been based on information that later turned out to be false.

Mr. Rather said that he only decided to resign after obtaining an internal CBS report blasting him for his role in the network’s recent “Memogate” scandal, but then later discovered that the report itself was a forgery.

When he made the startling discovery, Mr. Rather said, “My face was redder than my Aunt Mabel’s rhubarb pie.”

The veteran newsman indicated that he first suspected that the internal CBS report might be bogus when he saw that it had been faxed from a Kinko’s copy center in Canoga Park, California, and was typed on Holiday Inn stationery....

Hello Ontario,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I absolutely agree with you on what you said about Christians forming alliances with other religious groups to promote their political agenda. It just reminded me of what I hear about some of the countries in the former Soviet eastern bloc and Russia. They have eliminated restrictions on proselytizing and the side effects are staggering.

Along with Christian missionaries from the West, Eastern Europe is now overrun by Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, health and prosperity preachers. Add to that cultural filth from the West such as pornography, materialism, etc.

I am not saying they should revert back to the old days, but those things certainly cause me to pause.
I believe that's one of the things that Muslims criticized about the Western world - why is a supposedly Christian area overrun with so much non-Christian stuff? And since the Wall came down, the criticisms also apply to the Eastern world as you have noted.
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