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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl
Another Super Bowl come and gone...

The game was a very good one, even in the first half. Many people are probably poo-pooing the first half because of the lack of scoring, but to me that made it even better. A good defense just makes the few offensive scores that much better. (So then, why aren't I a rabid soccer fan?)

I was disappointed in the commercials, but probably because I have such high expectations. Every year I expect "1984." I never get it. Many of the commercials weren't even that entertaining, although the Budweiser donkey commercial was a good one. Willie Nelson doing a commercial for H&R Block sounded like it had promise, but I'd rather see Willie in a booth giving tax advice than see the Willie doll.

I guess that just leaves the entertainment. All praise to Steven Tyler for still being able to hit the high note on "Dream On" (that sounded like a live performance to me, but I could have been fooled). Everyone else lip synced pretty well, and Jessica Simpson was not asked to comment on Chicken of the Sea.

Then there was the ending to the halftime show. CNN reported the incident; here are some excerpts:

The network quickly cut away from the shot, and did not mention the incident on the air.

Actually, they did. Either Gumbel or Simms made a comment about expecting a "raw, naked" third quarter.

Joe Browne of the NFL was quoted as saying:

"It's unlikely that MTV will produce another Super Bowl halftime."

Of course, this means that the NFL will turn to Don King. Or perhaps the Children's Television Workshop. Or Arnold Shapiro.

As to why this happened, I will go with the following possible explanations until reality corrects me:

  • Justin was firing another salvo in the Britney-Justin war, trying to upstage Britney's kiss on Madonna and her weekend wedding.

  • Janet was trying to get Michael to become interested in adult women.

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