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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Football? You Bet!
In my February 1st entry in this blog, I made the following comment:

Many people are probably poo-pooing the first half because of the lack of scoring, but to me that made it even better. A good defense just makes the few offensive scores that much better. (So then, why aren't I a rabid soccer fan?)

Well, ever since I started watching Fox Sports World, that has been changing.

Part of it is my fascination with the league structure. The very fact that a team that loses a lot of games could be kicked down to a lower division is compelling. Imagine how the Los Angeles Clippers would play if they were threatened with demotion. Imagine how Donald Sterling would run the team if he was threatened with demotion.

To a newcomer, the whole myriad of teams and leagues is somewhat overwhelming. Even for a single team it's confusing. During 2003/2004, the Fulham Football Club plays friendly games, Premier League games, FA Cup games, and one game for the C cup. As of today, they're scheduled to play a Premier League game on Saturday, then an FA Cup game on the following Tuesday.

Add to that the fact that national teams and club teams are competing for players - something that only rarely affects U.S. basketball and hockey teams, and then only during the Olympics - and you have an incomprehensible mess on your hands.

Regardless, this American is trying to be a wannabe football fan. Now, to be a wannabe football fan, I need to have a team to root for. (And no, the Los Angeles Galaxy doesn't count.) Therefore, I am proud to announce that the official football club for the Ontario Empoblog is...FC Wangen bei Olten. (I spent two weeks there a few summers ago. I like the place.) Their next scheduled game is against FC Zurich U-21 on 28 February. Go Wangen!

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