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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Forget cute animated characters, I'm taking my family to see blood and gore!
I'm sure that Steven Mallas at the Motley Fool is a knowledgeable investor, but this
statement from him left me bewildered:

(certainly the recent religious juggernaut, The Passion of the Christ, is proving an unexpected capturer of bucks that might otherwise have made it into Disney's coffers)


This assertion rests on the faulty assumption that most Christian families like Disney entertainment, and most people who like Disney entertainment are Christian families.

I'll take my kid to see a Disney picture. I won't take my kid to see Passion.

Now, let's present this list of films to conversative Christian families and see how many of them would attend these movies:

  • This 1937 film is an occult thriller that includes a reverse "Three's Company" domestic set-up (one woman, many men), as well as a poisoning.

  • This 1940 film includes an extended sequence entitled "Pleasure Island."

  • This film, also from 1940, promotes non-Christian religions such as sorcery and the worship of the Greek gods.

  • This violence-packaged 1942 film is very upsetting to children.

  • This 1953 film is a favorite of suspected child molestors.

  • Do you love the occult lyrics in Led Zeppelin movies? Well, check this 1963 film for more of the same!

  • Yes, I see the conservative Christian families lining up right now to enjoy these films - don't you?

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