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Friday, April 16, 2004

Even Calculated Modesty is Refreshing
The Client official site includes a reviews page. Unusually for an artist-sponsored site, this review is included:

Sleazenation, 01.09.03
Two women from Britain's industrial wasteland dig the style of Detroit's Adult. so decide to make an LP of awful electro-pop. This is as pseudo as it gets. Client is a zeitgeist exploiting abomination that is as about as sexy as a used rubber in a Homebase carpark. Yes, it's that over. Ditch the Human League impressions and get back to the knitting ladies.

I've only heard two songs so far, but agree with the general consensus that "Rock and Roll Machine" is better than average.

Michael Elves, a reviewer for the University of Manitoba Manitoban, agrees with the positive assessment of "Rock and Roll Machine," but doesn't go much farther in praising the first Client album:

The album contains a couple of standout tracks, but they are scattered amongst so much dross that my interest vacillated between raised and dashed too frequently and ultimately settled on the latter. Had Client A and B (for that is what the two English women are called separately) just released "Rock and Roll Machine" and "Love All Night" on their own, most listeners would have assumed the duo were a phenomenal act that could coolly out-sex groups like Ladytron or Adult.. The rest of the material proves a valuable lesson in why one should never assume.

Excerpts from some customer reviews at djpeanuts:

I think there’s something brilliant in obsessively repeating rock’n’roll is all you wanna do while your song keeps playing a basic electro pop formula. Call it self-indulgence or whatever you like, but it actually works....

Whilst most of Client’s songs concern references to seedy sex best described as ‘saucy electro’ (an ode to Soft Cell’s debut 'Non Stop Erotic Cabaret' perhaps?). Rock And Roll Machine is a statement of personal intent from the word go. Client B opens her heart and tells us of her desire for a better life. A dirty fat bass kicks in with cold beats programmed beyond perfection by Mute’s prized Sie Medway-Smith whilst Client B tells us; ‘Rain keeps falling down, I’ll leave this northern town. I’ll run from your mentality and leave you all behind you'll see.’ And then comes the killer-repeated chorus of ‘Rock and roll is all I wanna do’ to sequenced layers of analogue synths (and not a guitar in sight). This isn’t a simple desire to become a pop ‘wannabie’, it’s a heartfelt plea to escape the humdrum banality of normality and chase a better life....Rock And Roll Machine is up there with the League’s last commercial effort ‘All I Ever Wanted’ interestingly enough; those new to Client are already comparing them to the Human League. High praise indeed....

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