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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Interview with Drew Carey on "Drew Carey's Green Screen Show"
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer some time ago:

A merry mixture of improvisation and animation, Carey's WB show will take a high-tech approach to the type of comedy served up on his long-running ABC sketch program, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The Cleveland comic and his company of regulars, including "Whose Line" veterans Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, perform improvisational bits in front of a green screen. The footage is then sent to animators who fill in the green-screen background with cartoons, film clips, still photographs and anything else they wish to draw around Drew.

Carey got the idea, appropriately enough, at the Improv while performing improvisational routines with some friends: "It was going so well, and it was so funny, I thought, Wouldn't it be great if I could just see the environment they're supposed to be in?'"...

His new "Green Screen Show" is getting one of the toughest time slots in television. It's scheduled against NBC's "Will & Grace" and the CBS juggernaut "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

"What else is new?" Carey said. "There's nothing I can do about it. At this point in my career, I just want to do something that's fun and creative."

Carey isn't the first Cleveland comedian to set up shop at the WB after having a situation comedy canceled by ABC. That path was blazed by Steve Harvey, the former Clevelander whose talent-search comedy show, "Steve Harvey's Big Time," will begin its second season at 7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 12.

"I didn't think about that," Carey said of the WB's one-two Cleveland combination. "I opened for Steve Harvey on the road once. He was hilarious. We were working in St. Louis, and I got like half a standing ovation. Half the crowd stood up for me, and I thought, Huh, that's pretty good. Follow that, Steve Harvey.' And I remember the look on his face when he walked out. He was like, 'Hmm, making it tough.' And he walked out and got a full standing ovation."

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I Believe in Zimmerman
Newsweek is publishing selections from Bob Dylan's autobiography. Here are selections from the selections:

I had been in a motorcycle accident and I'd been hurt, but I recovered. Truth was that I wanted to get out of the rat race. Having children changed my life and segregated me from just about everybody and everything that was going on. Outside of my family, nothing held any real interest for me and I was seeing everything through different glasses. Even the horrifying news items of the day, the gunning down of the Kennedys, King, Malcolm X ... I didn't see them as leaders being shot down, but rather as fathers whose families had been left wounded....

A few years earlier Ronnie Gilbert, one of The Weavers, had introduced me at one of the Newport Folk Festivals saying, "And here he is ... take him, you know him, he's yours." I had failed to sense the ominous forebodings in the introduction. Elvis had never even been introduced like that. "Take him, he's yours!" What a crazy thing to say! Screw that....the big bugs in the press kept promoting me as the mouthpiece, spokesman, or even conscience of a generation. That was funny. All I'd ever done was sing songs that were dead straight and expressed powerful new realities. I had very little in common with and knew even less about a generation that I was supposed to be the voice of....

I don't know what everybody else was fantasizing about but what I was fantasizing about was a nine-to-five existence, a house on a tree-lined block with a white picket fence, pink roses in the backyard. That would have been nice. That was my deepest dream. After a while you learn that privacy is something you can sell, but you can't buy it back. Woodstock had turned into a nightmare, a place of chaos. Now it was time to scramble out of there in search of some new silver lining and that's what we did. We moved to New York City for a while in hopes to demolish my identity, but it wasn't any better there. It was even worse. Demonstrators found our house and paraded up and down in front of it chanting and shouting, demanding for me to come out and lead them somewhere—stop shirking my duties as the conscience of a generation....

Sometimes in a restaurant (my name was widely known but my face not so at the time) one of the eaters who recognized me would go up to the cashier, point in my direction and whisper, "That's him over there." The cashier would tell someone and the news would go from table to table. It was like lightning struck the place. Necks would stretch. Folks chewing their food would spit it out, look at one another and say, "That him?" "You mean that guy that was sitting over there at that table with the bunch of kids?"...

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Alma, That Emperor Boy Done Checked His Blogpatrol Again
Dave Kampel and Angi Taylor were taking an evening walk by the shore of Lake Michigan.

"Too bad it didn't work out for Tony Bruno," said Angi.

"He'll find something," said Dave. "At least he's not dead like Rick James."

"Or fighting for a job like Christopher Nance," replied Angi.

"Even Christopher's OK," said Dave. "What if he still had a cushy weather job, but it was in Brimbaw, Texas?"

Angi shivered at the memory of all of the people in that city. "You're right, honeybuns," she said. "So what should we do now, sweetie?"

Dave smiled. "Why don't we go back to the apartment, and you can pretend to be Jennifer Hawkins at an Australian fashion show?"

Angi frowned. "I'm tired of doing that every night. Go get Krystal Fernandez to do it for you. Or Paul Crouch."

Dave sighed. "It wouldn't be the same, honey."

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Make me one with everything
Written by Chris Wenham. Summary:

A call to an outsourced and offshored computer technical support center ends in a trek up a punishing mountain in search of infinite wisdom.

Read the story.

By the same author: Tempus Fugit.

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It's a Right and Left Wing Conspiracy!
According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the following organizations support amnesty for illegal aliens. Click on the link for more information.

  • Agricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR—employers)

  • American Health Care Association (AHCA—business)

  • American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA—business)

  • American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA—business)

  • Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC—employers)

  • International Franchise Association (IFA—business)

  • National Association of Manufacturers (NAM—business)

  • National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR—business)

  • National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC—employers)

  • National Restaurant Association (NRA—business)

  • Society of American Florists (SAF—employers)

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce (business)

  • American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO—labor)

  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME—labor)

  • Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC—Latino labor)

  • Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE—labor)

  • Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA—labor)

  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU—labor)

  • Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE!—labor)

  • United Farm Workers (UFW—labor)

  • United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW—labor)

  • American Jewish Committee (AJC—Jewish religious)

  • Arab American Institute (AAI—Arab ethnic advocacy)

  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA—Asian ethnic advocacy)

  • Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC—Asian legal assistance)

  • Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC—religious, legal aid)

  • Central American Resource Center (CARECEN—Salvadoran ethnic, Los Angeles)

  • Comite de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agricolas (CATA—migrant farmworkers—Latino ethnic)

  • Farmworker Justice Fund (Latino, civil liberties)

  • Hispanic Alliance for Progress (HAP—Latino ethnic)

  • The Latino Coalition (Latino ethnic)

  • Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP)

  • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC—Latino ethnic)

  • Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF—Latino ethnic)

  • National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium (NAPALC—Asian ethnic)

  • National Association of Latino Elected & Appointed Officials (NALEO—Latino advocacy)

  • National Council of La Raza (NCLR—Latino ethnic)

  • National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NFFAA—Filipino ethnic)

  • National Korean American Service & Educational Consortium (NKASEC—Korean ethnic)

  • Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA—Chinese ethnic)

  • American Friends Service Committee (AFSC—Quaker religious)

  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS—Lutheran religious)

  • National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice (NICWJ)

  • U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB—Catholic religious)

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA—immigrant advocacy)

  • Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship at New School University

  • Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA )

  • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR—immigrant services)

  • Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR)

  • Migration Policy Institute/NYU Law School Muzaffar Chishti, Director

  • National Employment Law Project (NELP—labor, civil liberties)

  • National Immigration Forum (NIF—open borders)

  • National Immigration Law Center (NILC—defense of illegal aliens)

  • National Network on Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR—refugees, civil liberties)

  • Services, Immigrant Rights Network, and Education (SIREN)

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I personally don't think that either of the candidates shined in their debate tonight, but I seriously have to question John Kerry's notion that a big summit with the allies will solve all of our problems in Iraq. Yeah, right. But maybe I'm wrong...

P.S. To see on-line post-debate comments, go to the comments link at the bottom of this post at All Things Jen(nifer).

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Not a Well-Oiled Machine...Krystal Fernandez Pictures
I'm not worried about big corporations taking over the world. They're incapable of doing it.

As I previously noted [1] [2], Tony Bruno is no longer broadcasting on Fox Sports Radio. Yet, as of this afternoon, there are still a bunch of radio sites that refer to Bruno's former show as an active operation. Presumably the stations will get around to correcting the stuff someday (or perhaps they're waiting for the replacement to be named).

From KNBR:

Teaming up with with his co-host and partner in crime, Andrew Siciliano, Tony brandishes his experience behind the microphone like a samurai sword and makes even the most of intimidating coaches and players squirm in their seats....

Using his swagger to capture the hearts and ears of the American public, Tony has secured the Number One spot nationwide in sports talk and shows no sign of slowing down....

Tune in weekdays from 5 to 9 am on KNBR 1050, call his daily Extravaganza at 877 996-6369 and feel the energy!

From Fox Sports 1290 in Peoria IL:

Tony Bruno

Tony Bruno Websites:

E-mail Tony at tonyb@foxsports.com

Fast paced and provocative, Bruno is joined by co-host Andrew Siciliano for biting and controversial commentary on the days hottest sports stories.

From cnyradio.com:

Tony Bruno Show
Show Type: Syndicated Sports

Show Schedule
Day Time Station Hosts
Monday 10:00 am - Noon SportsRadio 620 Tony Bruno
Tuesday 10:00 am - Noon SportsRadio 620 Tony Bruno
Wednesday 10:00 am - Noon SportsRadio 620 Tony Bruno
Thursday 10:00 am - Noon SportsRadio 620 Tony Bruno
Friday 10:00 am - Noon SportsRadio 620 Tony Bruno

From bigplay.com:

Get the Official Tony Bruno Cap!

Whoa! Don't get pole-axed! Be sure to wear your Official Tony Bruno Big Play Cap while listening to the Morning Extravaganza! Also, keep your ears open because Tony will be giving away his caps on the air! If you're not one of the lucky winners, no problem-- we've got the caps right here!

Official Tony Bruno Cap
Price: $15.00/cap

In addition, XM Radio Channel 142 still lists Bruno in the lineup.

Question: is Krystal Fernandez still on the air? (The first picture link goes to a KLSX show that she may or may not have quit to land the Bruno job.)

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Checking the Blogpulse on Paul Crouch
I don't think I posted anything about the accusations against Paul Crouch that were published in the Los Angeles Times a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd catch up and see what Blogpulse was reporting on the matter. For example, here are excerpts from a post by Marcus Brown:

Watchdog Group Wants TBN Leaders to Step Down

I'm not surprised that this request is being made now. I am surprised that it hasn't been made for years. Paul and Jan Crouch have been off the reservation for over a decade now, with few people calling them on their behavior. Hank Hanegraff at the Christian Research Institute has been one. The Trinity Foundation, Inc., who publish The Door magazine is another.

But now Wall Watchers is making a public call for Paul and Jan Crouch to step down and to re-tool TBN....

Of course, the article also says that TBN rejected these ideas, but is willing to provide financial information to Wall Watchers. If nothing else, the TBN board needs to be re-structured....

Bill Cork links to a press response from TBN:

Sept 22 (Los Angeles) ---“A recent article published by the Los Angeles Times was full of inaccuracies, condescension and mischaracterizations about the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), its ministry and operations,” said TBN Spokesperson, Colby May....

“The publication began work on its TBN article over three years ago. Last year, in its determined attack against TBN and founder Dr. Paul Crouch, it sent an unauthorized blanket e-mail to all employees at TBN’s web address, soliciting negative anonymous responses,” said May....

TBN explained on numerous occasions to the reporter covering the story that one of its fundamental spiritual and business principles is to be debt free to the fullest extent possible. Because the nature and demands of TBN’s growth create large capital and long-term contract cost demands, extensive cash reserves must be maintained....

“Such construction costs as well as the development of towers and transmission facilities requires millions of dollars in new capital investment for each of TBN’s twenty-two domestic stations. Similarly, the construction and acquisition of new stations throughout the world demand large capital outlays. TBN also explained to the reporter covering the story that it maintained thirty-three satellite delivery platforms worldwide. These multi-year contracts are very expensive, obligating TBN to tens of millions of dollars in payments. Proper planning for these types of costs obligates TBN to establish and maintain sufficient cash reserves. None of this balance or explanation found its way into the article. One cannot help but wonder why,” said TBN legal advisor, John Casoria.

“In addition, TBN also explained to the newspaper that one of the hard learned lessons for churches and charities nationwide following 9-11 is to create an endowment to insure sufficient funds to cover whatever catastrophes may arise. In this context, Trinity’s reserves represent less than a year’s operating expenses,” says Casoria.

TBN officials also state that the newspaper also could not resist once again mentioning a previous story which reported a false allegation that the 70-year-old Dr. Crouch had a homosexual liaison a few years ago. What was omitted, of course, was that the false accusations were manufactured by a convicted child molester and drug user as part of a wrongful termination claim. The claim remains false, no matter how often the story is repeated.

[OE comment: the seamy background of the accuser WAS mentioned by the Times.]

“Regarding the various real properties mentioned, all are owned by TBN, not Dr. and Mrs. Crouch, and they are used for multiple purposes, including program settings, and temporary housing for network guests, contractors and agents. In addition, such properties represent alternative investment vehicles that provide appreciably better returns then bank CDs, savings accounts, and bond funds, etc.,” Casoria clarified.

[OE comment: The statement that these properties are owned by TBN only makes matters sound worse. Not only do the Crouches have luxurious houses - they don't even have to pay for them.]

Similarly, TBN’s corporate aircraft is only utilized in the course of business. It is not unusual for Dr. Crouch, and employees traveling with him, to visit several different cities and stations over the course of a trip. The plane allows flexibility and effective time management, and avoids the impact of Dr. Crouch’s status as a public person,” said Casoria.

“As to the stories told by a disgruntled former employee (who hired an agent to try to sell her story to a TV or film producer) claiming that she used TBN credit cards to buy large amounts of alcohol, stocking a liquor cabinet, they are completely untrue. Ten years ago, this individual was part of Trinity’s housekeeping and maintenance staff. At that time, she went through a difficult divorce and child custody proceeding with her former husband, also an employee at TBN who remained on staff following her departure. She seemingly became enraged during that time, carrying a personal vendetta against Dr. and Mrs. Crouch and TBN ever since,” explains Casoria.

VP’s at the network further stated that Trinity Broadcasting Network operates publicly. It maintains a thorough review of its activities by means of the following procedures: 1) TBN's tax returns are made public; 2) Its IRS records are public, including the salary and compensation of its directors; 3) All of its FCC files and ownership reports are public; 4) Its state charitable registrations are public; 5) It undergoes annual financial and operational audits performed by several outside audit CPA firms; and 6) TBN is under constant review by the press. Trinity has more accountability and oversight than virtually any other organization, regardless of size. The fact is that L.A. Times’ business reporter, Scott Reckard, had it right: TBN runs a tight ship and an efficient organization.

OK, so let's see what tbn.org says here:

A message from Paul Crouch...

When Dad passed away, he left no will. He did not intend to place that kind of burden on Mother and us five children. Dad was so typical of God's people. We were looking for the coming of the Lord. We were preaching the Gospel. Surely, we would all be alive till the trumpet of the Lord would sound!

But Dad was called home. He did not leave anything that we would call an estate today: a car, personal things, a few acres of land in South Dakota; but, oh the extra headache for my dear mother. I wanted to help out, but I was only seven.

Just a little planning means so very much to your loved ones.

You can see that a Trinity Broadcasting Network Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity can provide you with a number of benefits - and many happy returns!

But the most fascinating part was the selection of graphics in certain areas of the website. For example, this graphic appears on the Announcements page:

When you go to the About Us page, one of the images certainly implies the prosperity ministry:


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Momus Sound Samples
Momus sound samples can be found at his website. So far I've just listened to "The Last Communist."

And his blog is here.

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I Have A Warped Mind!
(Not that this is news....)

In my very first blog post on October 14, 2003 (nearly a year ago - expect a bunch of that danged one year blog anniversary junk in the next few weeks), my very first sentence read as (very) follows:

Why did synthetica start with fake bluegrass sounds?

This was a reference to a long-forgotten Theo Tres Thr3 song that predated the posting of the first Ontario Emperor MIDIs in August 1998. (Comment: these were composed on a Mac, and the instrumentation does not sound all that great when played on your standard Windows computer. For a more representative sample of my aweless talents, listen to Rockford Vote Stuff.)

Although I'd have to plow through the entire Ontario Emperor catalog to be sure, the only example of an Ontario Emperor synthetic bluegrass moment would be the opening seconds of the song "Deeper in Debt" from the deleted mp3.com CD Digital Judge. In essence, I've just had a lot of fun throwing banjo arpeggios into the most synthetic songs imaginable. I have a feeling Johnny Cash would sort of approve.

Well, I'm not the only person who thinks in such ways. Here's what the All Music Guide has to say (emphasis mine):

In 1952, anthropologist/ethnomusicologist/filmmaker/collector of curiosities/polymath Harry Smith released his Anthology of American Folk Music on Folkways. The brilliance of the six LP collection of pre-WWII music was in Harry Smith's ability to see connections between dark ballads, rollicking social music, and geographically disparate songs. His collection defined the music in the context of American culture and created a dramatically novel worldview.

Scottish-born eccentric Nick Currie, aka Momus, is a Harry Smith for the age of information....[He] uses his website to address whatever touches his fancy, and comments on everything from art to history to literature to philosophy to mass media. Momus always attaches a character or concept to his albums, and Folktronic is his anthology of fake folk. It takes a warped mind to connect mountain music and electronica, but this is just the kind of thing that has gained Momus his cult following....The artist formerly known as Maoist Intellectual, Futuristic Vaudevillian, and Audio Portraitist always seems to do something new and unexpected, and this time the space-age folkie molds traditional ballads and Appalachian ditties out of plastic and silicon.

What can I say? Kewl...

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Are You A Democrat, Republican, or Southern Republican?
I received this in e-mail from Victorian Lace:

Are you a Democrat, Republican or Southern Republican?

What with elections coming up, we should all decide. Here is a little test that will help you decide.
Question: How do you tell the difference between Democrats, Republicans and Southern Republicans?
The answer can be found by posing the following question:

You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, a dangerous looking man with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, raises the knife, and charges. You are carrying a Glock .40, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.
What do you do?
Democrat's Answer:
Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor orOppressed? Have I ever done aything to him that would inspire him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wife think? What about the kids? Could I possibly swing the gun like a club and knock the knife out of his hand?
What does the law say about this situation? Does the Glock have appropriate safety built into it? Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children? Is it possible he'd be happy with just killing me? Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me? If I were to grab his knees and hold on, could my family get away while he was stabbing me?
Should I call 9-1-1? Why is this street so deserted? We need to raise taxes, have a paint and weed day and make this a happier, healthier street that would discourage such behavior.
This is all so confusing! I need to debate this with some friends for a few days and try to come to a consensus.

Republican's Answer:


Southern Republican's Answer:
click.....(sounds of reloading).
Daughter: "Nice grouping, Daddy! Were those the Winchester Silver Tips??"

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Time For Another Experiment
Extremely dated material from absolutely.net:

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was born on February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California to Nancy and John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives).Aniston, who is Greek, spent a year of her childhood living in Greece with her family but later, moved to New York when her father landed a role on the daytime drama, Love of Life.Aniston's parents separated when she was 9 years old. After the divorce, she was raised in New York City by her mother.Aniston was inspired to act after seeing the play Children of A Lesser God on Broadway. At 11, Aniston joined the Rudolf Steiner School's drama club. Aniston was, and still is, a very talented artist and at the young age of 11, one her paintings was displayed at an exhibit at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.At 15, Aniston was accepted to New York's High School For The Performing Arts. In 1987, after graduating from high school, Aniston spent a year living at home with her mom. She did not want to go to college. Instead, she worked at a burger joint called Jackson Hole in Manhattan. During those burger-pushing days, Aniston won roles in the Off-Broadway productions of For Dear Life at New York's Public Theater and Dancing On Checkers Grave.

Looking for more of a challenge, Aniston moved west where she met soon-to-be friend, Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing).During 1989, Aniston was cast in a handful of television shows. In 1993, Aniston won a part in Leprechaun. In those years, Aniston made a name for herself as an actress who would take risks and graciously accept criticism of herself and her work.Then, a pilot of a show called Friends Like Us came along. Aniston was originally tested for the role of Monica, but she told the producers that she felt much more comfortable with the Rachel character and they agreed.Life wasn't all easy for Aniston though. Before getting the role of Rachel Green on Friends, Aniston was told to lose some weight and she did. She lost 30 pounds. Now, as the girl everyone wants to look like, fame has proven to be a bit daunting for Aniston. Now, her passions for things like antiquing, hiking, and travelling have been halted, for the time being. She can no longer go out into public without being stopped for autograph requests or photos and finds the worst part of her newfound celebrity status is meeting a man. However, that doesn't seem to be a problem anymore because Jennifer Aniston is currently going out with actor, Tate Donovan.

Credit: netglimse.com

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Time for An Experiment
From falwell.com:

Falwell Confidential
Date: September 24, 2004
From: Jerry Falwell


During the past few weeks at Thomas Road Baptist Church, the church I founded in 1956, we have been conducting a voter registration outreach. We have subsequently enrolled hundreds of new central Virginia and other voters.

I believe this is the action of a responsible church, that we are biblically compelled to elect to office those people who uphold the traditional values of our nation’s founding. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people,” Proverbs 14:34 tells us. It is therefore the duty of Christians to ensure that our leaders are those people who best reflect our values and core beliefs.

The voter registration effort at TRBC is typical of what is taking place in churches across the country, as Christians continue in their role of being an informed and effective voting bloc.

In the past ten days, I have spoken in 15 events in Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Kansas that we call “Pastors Policy Briefings,” as I join with other Christian leaders in teaching pastors how to energize their constituencies to be active participants in the voting process. We urge pastors to compel their members to vote for candidates — whether Democrat, Republican or otherwise — who reflect the biblical values we hold dear. I will be continuing these briefings in most of the “battleground” states in the next 39 days.

More than 2,000 pastors have made firm commitments to me in the last ten days to hold voter registration drives in their churches over the next two Sundays. I have also spent the past several months urging about 100,000 pastors to do the same. The results have been exciting. I literally have not seen evangelicals this energized in years.

Following these meetings, I have met with many pastors and church leaders who relay virtually the same message to me: their congregations are wholeheartedly planning to go to the polls to vote for pro-life and pro-family candidates.

These types of voter registration efforts began with the 1980 election of President Reagan. Evangelicals were largely responsible for his victory and we continue to be major participants in the political process. We must ensure that the evangelical church remains a vigorous political force in the years to come. And, evangelical numbers are exploding as our churches, broadcasters, writers, publishers, musicians and Christian workers are winning thousands to faith in Christ every week. As “salt and light,” we are winning souls to Christ, baptizing them, discipling them to serve Christ, registering them to vote and sending them to the polls.

Furthermore, the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council recently announced that about two million new evangelical voters have been recently registered as part of a series of live nationwide simulcasts that were designed to motivate Christians to get involved in the political process. The organization has worked with churches and other national ministries across the country to register this vast new flock of evangelical voters.

“All this is perfectly legal for churches to do,” the organization states. And it is, even though some members of the radical left have been routinely attempting to convince pastors that they must shy away from such activity at the risk of losing their church’s tax-exempt status. Nothing could be further from the truth!

American Christians should endeavor to live their lives so that God can and will bless them and our nation, as described in Ephesians 5:1-11. It is our right and our responsibility to vote on November 2.

This website is sponsored by The Liberty Alliance. The Liberty Alliance is a not for profit educational and lobbying organization.

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So I get to my father in law's to see an aunt and uncle, and said uncle is showing my daughter how to create a geocities web page.

I'm getting old.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Products of the Day
Not only can you show your political hatreds - you can pay for the privilege of doing so.

FreedomToTheMax is selling JJohn Kerry Flip Flops.

Meanwhile, BeatBushGear is selling the following bumper sticker:

Bush is scary, vote for Kerry...Kerry flip flops...what's next?

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Le Chateau and Death, Again?
LA.com links to Vag Davis' blog (which I can't see at the moment) and quotes the following:

i also heard from a reliable source that james was partying with pamela anderson and david lachapoop at the chateau marmont just before he died. when they heard of his death they declined to attend the funeral, changed hotels, and kept partying.

After some searching, I found out that Pamela Anderson was getting down on hip-hop.

Pamela Anderson Gets Down With Hip-Hop
By Nolan Strong
Date: 5/13/2004 12:10 PM

Model/actress Pamela Anderson will step into the world of Hip-Hop, as she plays host on West Coast producer Damizza’s latest mixtape....

Damizza said that Pam’s love for Hip-Hop displays an exciting side to her personality that doesn’t necessarily radiate through televisions shows or the pages of magazines.

“She’s got a sense of humor about her and she’s very diverse to where she would do a mix tape,” Damizza explained. “She respects music and the West Coast and wanted to lend her name to something that is going straight to the street.”

What would Tommy say?

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Why did I make these last two posts [1] [2]?

You'll recall that a few days ago I posted some information from buzzflash.com, which was subsequently discussed by Michael Hanscom. Buzzflash presented several graphs that looked at economic performance from a presidential point of view. Here's an example:

Taking the previous links, some of this information can be presented in textual form as follows:

YearPresidentSurplus (Deficit)
1989GHW Bush-152.5
1990GHW Bush-221.2
1991GHW Bush-269.3
1992GHW Bush-290.4
2001GW Bush127.3
2002GW Bush-157.8

So, the obvious conclusion is that the Democrats slowly brought the budget into alignment, but the spend-happy Republicans messed things up again.

But let's look at the data another way, using Speakers of the House:

YearSpeakerSurplus (Deficit)

In this version, Republican Gingrich emerges as the budget balancing hero who was finally done in by his Republican successor Hastert.

Valid arguments exist on either side as to whether the President or the Speaker of the House is more responsible for a national budget. In a Constitutional sense, the House is responsible for initiating the budget, but in practice it is the President who gets the ball rolling.

Just noting that there are multiple ways to look at data. You could also chart by Chairman of the Federal Reserve, but Greenspan was Chairman during this entire period. (Hmm...when did he marry Andrea Mitchell? Is that a valid data point?)

It's probably good that I forgot all of the econometrics that I never learned...

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Recent Budget Surplus/Deficit
In billions of dollars. Fiscal years. The U.S. Government fiscal year begins on October 1 of the preceding year (Wikipedia). Source: the White House.

1977 -53.7
1978 -59.2
1979 -40.7
1980 -73.8
1981 -79.0
1982 -128.0
1983 -207.8
1984 -185.4
1985 -212.3
1986 -221.2
1987 -149.7
1988 -155.2
1989 -152.5
1990 -221.2
1991 -269.3
1992 -290.4
1993 -255.1
1994 -203.2
1995 -164.0
1996 -107.5
1997 -22.0
1998 69.2
1999 125.6
2000 236.4
2001 127.3
2002 -157.8

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Recent Speakers of the House
From Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives:

92nd Carl B. Albert Oklahoma Jan. 21, 1971
93rd Carl B. Albert Oklahoma Jan. 3, 1973
94th Carl B. Albert Oklahoma Jan. 14, 1975
95th Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Massachusetts Jan. 4, 1977
96th Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. Massachusetts Jan. 15, 1979
97th Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Massachusetts Jan. 5, 1981
98th Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Massachusetts Jan. 3, 1983
99th Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Massachusetts Jan. 3, 1985
100th James C. Wright, Jr. Texas Jan. 6, 1987
101st James C. Wright, Jr. Texas Jan. 3, 1989
101st Thomas S. Foley Washington Jun. 6, 1989
102nd Thomas S. Foley Washington Jan. 3, 1991
103rd Thomas S. Foley Washington Jan. 5, 1993
104th Newt Gingrich Georgia Jan. 4, 1995
105th Newt Gingrich Georgia Jan. 7, 1997
106th J. Dennis Hastert Illinois Jan. 6, 1999
107th J. Dennis Hastert Illinois Jan. 3, 2001
108th J. Dennis Hastert Illinois Jan. 7, 2003

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Presented Without Comment
From here:

Fundraising Dinner with William Pfaff: We Saw It Coming
Tuesday, September 28
Renowned syndicated journalist, Bill Pfaff remained, from the start, strongly critical of the war in Iraq and the consequences it would have on the world.
One of four pre-election fundraising dinners to put the Democrats back where they belong, in the White House and Congress
This one at the home of Connie Borde, 240 bis Bd St-Germain, 75007 Paris
At 8 P.M.
100 euros or a larger contribution.
Please send check and dinner of your choice to Jane Donaldson, 65 rue de la Fontaine, 75016 before September 15. Make checks payable to Democrats Abroad. Federal law requires the occupation and employer of persons contributing over $200. Contributions can be accepted only from American citizens.

Yet there are Republicans in France:

RA France....

Voter registration event organized around the avant premier sponsored by RA of "Ronald Reagan Remembered" a film pruduced by Cyril Viguier and directed by Claude Brovelli which has been since been distributed to 25 countries. Members depicted in the photo are R. Pingeon, Emoly Pingeon, Claude Broveli, Cyril Viguier, Matt Leum, RA France voter Registration Chair, Fred Yeterian. Two hundred people attended this event....

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Relevant Tony Bruno Entry Found Via Blogpulse
Ben Maller, 9/24/2004

Tony Bruno, who as the co-host of the Fox Radio's morning show was one of the few reasons to listen to that network's syndicated programming on KFXN (690 AM), has left the show.

Thanks to Blogpulse.

Ben Maller links to a forum which has received a barrage of comments. There are some very good comments there...

Author: WDAEFAN50
Date: 09-20-04 13:23

Damn! That's an understatment for the record book! I was at my radio at 8:06 am. The local station has (or had) an open for Tony Bruno, the only indiviudial FOX Sports Radio one they have (or had). I could tell from the start when they played the one that said, "W-D-A-E. Dominating sports talk radio, 620 WDAE. The Home Of FOX SPORTS RADIO!" Oh, ****! Because its not done automatically for Tony Bruno, because there is Matt Sammon, the bord op.. He would always play something that said Tony Bruno. Then it got worse! After the FOX music, I heard what I knew meant the end of an era! "This is.....FOX Sports Radio....FOX SPORTS." I could have saved an hour of my life by turning off the radio then! But, I was too shoken up from banging my head on the wall 3 times!


Author: screamformelongbeach
Date: 09-20-04 13:59

It's an outrage of Biblical proportions. Did FSR not learn from the Kiley/Booms debacle that you can't let your top talent walk (not that Kiley/Booms are in Bruno's league, mind you). Congrats, Fox Sports Radio, you have just lost tens of thousands of listeners....

Author: AMike
Date: 09-20-04 14:14

First time poster here.

It is an outrage! It has been my morning habit to listen to Bruno on my drive in to work via XM Satellite Radio. I thought I was hearing things when I heard the opening for the Morning Extravaganza today. As soon as I heard Andrew was hosting, I switched the radio back to ESPN radio. During one of ESPN's commerical breaks, I switched back, and noticed on the screen which identifies the program that it said "Morning Extravaganza, Bruno, Siciliano". And there was a promo for Fox Sports Radio on XM, and it featured Bruno. I guess XM didn't get the memo.

I listened to the rest of the show at work via XTRA690.com. There was no mention of Bruno which didn't surprise me and I only recalled one phone call from a listener during the time I listened. I found out the news about Bruno here.

The "new" Morning Extravaganza is not good. Andrew is just not a strong enough personality to carry a show.

Bruno was the main hire of Fox Sports Radio when it initially started and far and away, IMHO, the best personality of this network. Now that he's gone, I would not be surprised if this network disappears within the next year, or merges with Sporting News Radio....

Author: screamformelongbeach
Date: 09-20-04 15:10

...I have no doubt Tony will quickly land on his feet somewhere else, but I hate to see the Tony/Andrew/Chris Morales team split up. Tony singlehandedly gave Fox Sports radio the credibility it desperately needed when it launched in 2000....and this is how they repay him....

Author: screamformelongbeach
Date: 09-20-04 17:11

From www.allaccess.com, a radio industry website:

After a long period of contract limbo, TONY BRUNO exits the 8-Noon slot at PREMIERE's FOX SPORTS RADIO. Co-host ANDREW SICILIANO holds down the fort with former KANSAS CITY ROYALS pitcher MARK GUBICZA for now, with a permanent successor for BRUNO to be named.

BRUNO's name has been mentioned in connection with at least one high profile morning opening currently available, so stay tuned ...

Author: screamformelongbeach
Date: 09-22-04 10:29

...from www.allaccess.com today>>>>>

For the many folks who have contacted ALL ACCESS about getting in touch with former FOX SPORTS RADIO morning extravaganza TONY BRUNO, here's the e-mail address: sportsyak@yahoo.com. ALL ACCESS hears that, contrary to reports elsewhere, BRUNO is not ticketed for KNBR-A/SAN FRANCISCO, and he remains available for both sports and non-sports stations....

Author: Mraz
Date: 09-22-04 23:05

Just from doing my Bruno-kore E-search, I thought that was his e-mail too, but if you go to this, you will see some of the stuff like his age, doesn't match up:

http://profiles.yahoo.com/sportsyak ....

Author: screamformelongbeach
Date: 09-23-04 00:05

Mraz...I got a reply e-mail from Tony today, and it came from tonyonfox@yahoo.com. I had sent him a short e-mail thanking him for the past 4 years of entertainment he provided, and he was kind enough to write back. The man is a class act, for sure....

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Where is Tony Bruno?
If you to to the Fox Sports website, you can read a biography of Tony Bruno:

The Morning Extravaganza's Tony Bruno
Posted: 159 days ago

Tony Bruno joined Fox Sports Radio as the mid-morning host for the network debut in September 2000, after spending eight years as the anchor host of ESPN Radio....

But for at least the last week, if you tune in to the Morning Extravaganza show, you can hear Tony's co-host Andrew Siciliano, along with a (sometimes changing) second host. No Bruno.

For the last several months, visits to http://www.tonybrunoshow.com/ have resulted in 504 gateway timeouts.

Zany Sports Lady offers a little more information in a September 20 post:

I have to send a quick shout out to my favorite sports guy - Tony Bruno. Tony is no longer the voice I hear in the mornings as I bring you my juicy sports tidbits; and, I am sad about that. Tony Bruno has been the voice of Fox Sports Radio for so long that I can't imagine anyone else there. Thanks for gracing our airwaves every A.M., Tony; not to mention, letting me bogart my way onto those airwaves every once in a while. Man, now I'm depressed.

On September 20, the following was posted to dcrtv:

Bruno Bounced - 9/20 - Tony Bruno, who did the 8 AM to noon shift on DC's SportsTalk 1260, is gone. Fox Sports Radio has jettisoned the nationally syndicated talker after his contract expired. Co-host Andrew Siciliano joins former Kansas City Royals pitcher Mark Gubicza for now, with Bruno's successor to be named.....

I actually even checked Usenet for relevant information:

From: Audio Clone
Newsgroups: alt.fan.jim-rome
Subject: Bruno: THAT'S IT YOU'RE GONE!
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 20:54:29 -0400
X-Newsreader: Forte Agent 1.91/32.564
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Lines: 5
Organization: TITANnews.com - http://www.titannews.com - Every UNCENSORED Newsgroup available. The #1 High-Speed Usenet Service!
X-Comments: Super Retention + Best Speed. Download what YOU want @ www.TITANnews.com !
X-Complaints-To: abusedept@removethis-titannews.com

In case you haven't heard, Tony Bruno is OUT at Fox Sports Radio. His contract was up last Friday and not renewed. Too bad, because
the rimshot sounder went away with him. Andrew Siciliano and Mark Gubicza are doing the show on an interim basis until Tony's
permanent replacement is found.


Finally, via Usenet, I reached the following article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Morning sports radio looking for new hosts

Steve Kroner
Friday, September 24, 2004

Flux is the operative word for the morning drive-time slots on the Bay Area's sports stations these days.

Last week, KNBR (680 AM) jettisoned "The John London Not Just Sports Show. " Then last Friday, Tony Bruno had his final appearance on Fox Sports Radio's morning program, which airs in the Bay Area on KTCT (1050 AM), KNBR's sister station.

In a phone interview Thursday, Bruno, who lives in Southern California, said KNBR had offered him the job to replace London, but Bruno decided he wanted to take some time simply to assess what he wants to do with his career, and couldn't commit to the station.

"It wasn't that I wasn't flattered," Bruno said.

KNBR program director Bob Agnew acknowledged the station had considered hiring Bruno, but that "in (Bruno's) heart and mind, he's a network guy."

In Thursday's interview, Bruno made it clear he didn't consider himself too good for KNBR.

"I don't want people to think I'm trying to 'big-time' KNBR," Bruno said, adding that he always has enjoyed the Bay Area whenever he has visited. Bruno, a Philadelphia native who spent time with ESPN Radio, said he is in a relationship with a woman in Southern California and that's one main reason his "goal is to stay in L.A."

Of course, Bruno does have a presence on KNBR. He joins Gary Radnich every weekday morning between 9:30 and 10. With more free time because he doesn't have the Fox Radio responsibilities, Bruno has appeared for two segments, instead of his typical one, with Radnich this week.

Meanwhile, Bruno's former sidekick, Andrew Siciliano, has hosted the Fox show this week with former Royals pitcher Mark Gubicza. Next week, Fox Sports broadcaster Chris Myers will join Siciliano in the studio. In an e-mail, a Fox Sports Radio spokeswoman said, "In the near future, we will announce the new host with Andrew."

While Siciliano is a good sports talk host, Bruno was capable of managing a sports talk show that also appealed to the general public. Based on his appearances with Bruno, Siciliano is also capable of this, but over the last week and a half he's tended to stick to the sports-only format.

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The Difficulties in Extreme Makeovers
(Note: this is not really Scatology 101, but it's sort of related.)

If a television network wants to have the top-rated show, all they need to do is design a show in which a bunch of gay guys renovate a house and play poker in it.

Well, I'm still heterosexual and still play the occasional round of Yahoo! Hold 'Em Poker, but I'm sort of experiencing the building renovation part.

I work in a two story office that is undergoing extensive improvements. For example, during the week that I was in St. Louis, my work area was carpeted and my cubicle was moved. All this was done while I was gone, allowing me to walk in Monday morning, unpack some boxes, and get back to work.

Unfortunately, I'm in the office for the current project - bathroom renovation.

Our two story building has five sets of bathrooms - three sets on the first floor (which I'll call south, west, and central) and two sets on the second (which I'll call south and north). The first floor west bathrooms are currently inaccessible, due to a month-long renovation of the west end of the building. The second floor south restrooms are special (read: executive). The other three sets of bathrooms are all accessible, and are all located next to small kitchens. The plan was to renovate these three sets of bathrooms and kitchens, but in an orderly way.

Here was the initial plan:

Day 1: Close the first floor central restroom/kitchen and the second floor north restroom/kitchen. Finish all work by the end of the day.

Day 2: Close the first floor south restroom/kitchen.

This means that at various times you would have to use a different restroom and/or kitchen than you normally use. But our Building Renovation Czarina is a caring individual:

We apologize for the inconvenience, especially for the dual closures [on day 1]. Think of it this way: You can improve your health by walking further and eating/drinking less:)

Well, anyone who has been involved in project management can guess what happened. At the beginning of Day 2, Day 1 work was still incomplete. Because of this, there was a lot of wandering around on Day 2 asking, "Is the [1st floor central] bathroom open yet?" "Have they closed the [1st floor south] bathroom yet?"

Today is Day 3 of the project, and the questions continue. And I'm walking further, which is good.

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Why? (Hogan)
Why is "coronel" pronounced "kelner"?

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Why? (Numan)
Why do Japanese drive on the right side of the road, but Canadians drive on the left side of the road?

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Why? (UPS)
Why was Edmund G. Brown Sr. called "Jerry," but Edmund G. Brown Jr. was called "Pat"?

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Why? (Razza)
Why do they refer to Pete Rose as a "black" baseball player, but they never refer to Jackie Robinson as a "white" baseball player?

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Why? (Voz)
Why is Bea Arthur's voice "sultry" while Suzanne Pleshette's voice is "masculine"?

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

David Dreier and Joe Baca are Investigating!
As I have previously mentioned, I often use blogs to learn the latest news. Therefore, I must thank Jimmy Akin for alerting me of the mysterious disappearance of a Texas city with 1.2 million inhabitants. Full story here...courtesy the Weekly World News.

My theory is that the World's Fattest Cat ate the town. (But then again, didn't this cat become anorexic?)


The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are looking for Brimbaw, Texas.

By Ken Scarborough

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are looking high and low for Brimbaw, Texas, a once-booming financial center of 1.2 million people that investigators say vanished from the face of the earth on June 17, leaving behind just one man who remembers it....

"When it comes to hard evidence, there's precious little -- but what we do have is intriguing: A brick that apparently is all that's left of the 67-story bank building that anchored Brimbaw's skyline. We've also got a phone book with residential listings for 'Greater Brimbaw' -- including smaller towns that are missing, too, places like Zuckert, Flinne, Morely and Billy Graham City."...

The mysterious disappearance of the city that seems to have been situated at an unknown spot west of Dallas came to light when an off-duty Texas Ranger found Karl Benner, 42, stumbling along a rural highway with the brick in one hand and the phone book in the other....

The Department of Homeland Security is helping to investigate the case because the disappearance of a city, in the words of an insider, "has national security implications, especially if terrorists had anything to do with it. "But we're looking at alternative explanations, too.

"Physicists tell us there's a possibility Benner might have arrived in our world from a parallel universe where a city by the name of Brimbaw, Texas, exists alongside towns like Dallas and Houston, which also show up in our world."...

[OE UPDATE 11/1/2004]

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Writing Contest
This should interest the average blogger, or the not-so-average blogger (of course, all of my readers are by definition well above average).

In honor of a very special event, Tara Lynn Johnson is sponsoring a writing contest. Contestants must write 6.5 entire sentences and abide by some extremely simple rules. An absolutely astounding prize will be awarded. Details here.

DEADLINE: 12:01 a.m. EST, October 1, 2004

(For the picky, that's 1:01 a.m. EDT. Play it safe and write your entry now.)

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Inspiration is a Wonderful Thing
Michael Hanscom was reading a Slashdot entry one day:

Store clerks were rounded up and shipped to Guantanamo to possibly face charges of providing material aid to terrorists...or was that tourists.

This inspired Michael to take a September 24, 2001 Presidential address and replace every instance of "terrorism" with "tourism."

Good morning. At 12:01 a.m. this morning, a major thrust of our war on tourism began with the stroke of a pen. Today, we have launched a strike on the financial foundation of the global tour network.

Make no mistake about it, I've asked our military to be ready for a reason. But the American people must understand this war on tourism will be fought on a variety of fronts, in different ways. The front lines will look different from the wars of the past.

So I told the American people we will direct every resource at our command to win the war against tourists: every means of diplomacy, every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every financial influence. We will starve the tourists of funding, turn them against each other, rout them out of their safe hiding places and bring them to justice....

Read the rest here.

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Al Yankovic, Teacher?
From Storymania, written by NeedhamT:

On my bus ride to school every day, my constant laughing used to irritate some of the other kids. When they asked why I was laughing, I point to my CD player and say, “I’m listening to Weird Al.” Their faces light up in recognition and their next questions are, “hey can I see that,” and, “wow, let me listen!” Weird Al is so funny and cool, and almost everybody likes him. I think he would make a great school teachre for several reasons.

He is great with kids. He even taught accordion lessons during college. He says that he loved teaching kids to play the accordion, the instrument he loves. Al also is a cool guy after concerts, signing autographs and talking to kids in the audience. I think his love for kids would make him an awesome teacher.

A sense of humor is another excellent quality for a teacher, and Al obviously has one....

Al is also very hard working....Dedication and determination are very important charcteristics for a teacher, because if a teacher was hard-working, he would inspire his student to be hard working also....

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US News and World Report Should Lower Yale's Score
OK, so he sold tens of millions of albums. But this is not the time for Yale University to hold a scholarly conference on the music of Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson, frequently savaged in the tabloid press, was picked apart by more rarified critics as scholars gathered for a conference on the pop star at Yale University.

Eighteen scholars from U.S. universities discussed sexual, racial and artistic aspects of Jackson's life and music Thursday and Friday in the first academic meeting to study him.

Jackson "in many ways is the black male crossover artist of the 20th century," said Seth Clark Silberman, who teaches about race and gender at Yale. "He has grown up in front of us, so we have a great investment in him, even though some people today may find his image disturbing."...

The conference avoided details of the child molestation case against Jackson in California, but it did look at how the media has reported on the case....

Panelists discussed Jackson's plastic surgery and his skin tone change from dark to light (which Jackson says is due to a condition called vitiligo)....

Jackson often explores racial issues in his music, noted another panelist, Nora Morrison, a graduate student from Harvard University. In the video for "Beat It," she said, Jackson breaks up a fight between a black gang and a white gang, whose members then join in his dance moves....

A panel of supposedly eminent academics discuss the plot of a music video? When will they discuss Al Yankovic's "Eat It," or A-Has, "Take on Me," or perhaps the Foo Fighters video with all of the Mentos imagery?

Now, I *can* see the usefulness of a Jackson video discussion in a film school. He was one of several people (Michael Nesmith is another) responsible for elevating the status of the music video. But if you're going to have a discussion of plastic surgery, don't get Michael Jackson; get Phyllis Diller, who frankly discussed her experiences with plastic surgery and helped to bring respectability to the practice.

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What You Read
On my to-do list: research Media News Group.

In Southern California alone, Media News Group has the following media properties:

Los Angeles Daily News - Los Angeles, CA
LA.com - Los Angeles, CA
LA Daily News - Los Angeles, CA
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - Ontario, CA
Long Beach Press Telegram - Long Beach, CA
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - San Gabriel Valley, CA
Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena, CA
Whittier Daily News - Whittier, CA
The Sun - San Bernardino - San Bernardino, CA
Redlands Daily Facts - Redlands, CA
U-Entertainment - Los Angeles, CA
U-Daily News - Los Angeles, CA
U-Daily Bulletin - Ontario, CA
U-SGV Tribune - San Gabriel Valley, CA
U-Pasadena Star News - Pasadena, CA
U-Whittier Daily News - Whittier, CA
U-The Sun - San Bernardino - San Bernadino, CA
U-Redlands Daily Facts - Redlands, CA
U-Press Telegram - Long Beach, CA

Based in Denver, Colorado, Media News Group is controlled by (William) Dean Singleton.

Singleton's name has surfaced in the recent David Dreier outing:

Mark Cromer, [Hustler's] features editor in charge of its outing of Dreier, is a former reporter for a string of Valley newspapers in Dreier’s district, including the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the Pasadena Star-News....And he accuses the papers in Dreier’s district, all of which spout a conservative, anti-gay editorial line, of having a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy toward the congressman and his relationship with Smith. These papers are all owned by Media News Group (MNG), whose CEO, Dean Singleton, is a major contributor to Republican campaigns. Opinion pages editor Steve Scauzillo said he could not comment on the Dreier matter without the approval of MNG higher-ups.

His biography appears to be dotted with significant episodes:

Who is the real Dean Singleton? Is he a mass murderer of newspapers, or is he a man whose hardheaded pragmatism has enabled him, in a difficult period for the industry, to preserve many more newspaper jobs than he has eliminated?...

A few weeks ago, on a trip through Texas, Singleton took me to his hometown, Graham, which sits ninety miles west of Fort Worth, and which is surrounded by oil fields and ranchland in every direction. It's a superconservative, superreligious place, mostly white, with more than fifty churches serving a population of nine thousand....

After a series of small-town newspaper jobs in Texas, Singleton landed at the Dallas Morning News in 1970, and worked in the newsroom at night while attending the University of Texas at Arlington by day. But he already knew that he wanted his own newspapers, so he quit school and moved to a small town in the Texas Panhandle, Clarendon, where he bought a tiny weekly....

The [Fort Worth Press] folded after eighty-eight days. "It was a total disaster," says Singleton. "I knew nothing about the business of newspapering." He lost a million dollars in the demise of The Fort Worth Press, and he had to sell his weeklies to pay his debts. The experience put him in the hospital for depression and exhaustion. "In twelve weeks it closed, and he lost his ass," says David Burgin....

Burgin knew that some readers would be interested in the Camp David peace talks then under way between Jimmy Carter, Menachen Begin, and Anwar Sadat. On the day they reached the accord, Burgin, laying out the front page, made Camp David the top story. Singleton came in and peered over his shoulder. "Damn it!" Singleton shouted in his thick drawl, "this is a local paper! We don't sell no fucking papers in Cairo! Get that thing off there, right now!"...

In the mid-1990s, Singleton made a major push into Southern California as well, again following the "clustering" strategy, buying half a dozen papers, most notably the Los Angeles Daily News. These acquisitions gave Singleton control over a huge swath of suburban Los Angeles. He was eager to keep expanding, and in 1997 he made an offer for the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, located in a fast-growing suburban zone. When the owners, the Stephens Media Group, declined his request, Singleton came back with a proposal that revealed the full range of his business acumen. Could MediaNews and Stephens, he suggested, combine their papers in a partnership, and divide the profits accordingly? Stephens found the offer attractive (largely for tax reasons) and agreed to contribute twelve dailies to the consortium. Thus was born the California Newspaper Partnership, which also includes Gannett, which added two papers. MediaNews currently [March/April 2003] controls 55 percent of CNP....

Before Singleton came in, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin was owned by the Donrey Media Group, as noted in this June 1999 article:

Mike Ferguson, publisher of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin in Ontario, Calif., has been appointed vice president and chief operating officer of the newspaper division of the Donrey Media Group.

The announcement was made Wednesday by Donrey President Sherman R. Frederick.

"Mike is a first-rate news executive. We could not be happier to have Mike return to Donrey," said Frederick.

Ferguson, 47, was with Donrey for more than 30 years before the Ontario newspaper was moved into a partnership with Dean Singleton's newspapers in California, effective April 1.

The Donrey Media Group is comprised of 14 newspapers in several states, including Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Washington and Hawaii....

[Ferguson] began his newspaper career at the age of 12 as a carrier for the Pomona Progress Bulletin. He worked in a variety of positions in the newspaper business. He's been publisher of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin for eight years.

(Note: the Pomona Progress Bulletin was one of two papers that was combined to form the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.)

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Scenes We Wouldn't Like To See
In the course of a post about exercise, gyms, etc., Vadergrrrl tells the story of the time she met a former employer in a gym locker room:

One time, I was using the bathroom in the locker rooms and I ran into a former employer. She is an older woman, and respectable member of the community. I stopped to say hi, and she immediately engaged me in a long and drawn out conversation. To my dismay, she was also changing into her swimsuit. I tried to end the conversation and quickly leave, but she kept me hostage and continued talking until she was stripped naked and into her suit. I was mortified. There are just some people you don’t want to see nude. Now, every time I see her, I get this horrible mental image. I still haven’t fully recovered.

After reading this, I thought through all of my former male bosses: nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope...nope.

As for me, I have to stop blogging and start walking....

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Chaka Khan Chaka Khan Chaka Khan
You gotta feel for the kid, but I gotta admit that Stereogum's captured email is funny.

-----Original Message-----
From: Kori Federline [mailto:kori@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 5:19 PM
To: Jackson, Shar
Subject: RE: help

dear mommy,
today daddy and britney and me went shoping. britney said she is my new mommy and that she is the prettiest mommy. britney also says NO SHOES!! even when i go to pee. tonite we r going to 711 for supper.tomorrow we r going tanning. daddy is yelling at me to finish my kabala homework.i miss you.
luv kori

ps. can i get a tatoo?

(thanks to Laurie at LA.com)

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At Least They Hid The Scripts
Brian at la.com has posted a story of a "Blind Date" film shoot at the HMS Bounty. Due to technical difficulties, they had to stop shooting:

Without the camera running, the two contestants didn't know what to do. They paid no attention to each other--just sort of looked around the bar with blank smiles on.

Brian snapped a picture and annotated it to describe the scene.

I actually like Blind Date better than some of the other shows, such as the shows in which multiple people of one sex are competing for a person of the other sex, and everyone ends up trashing each other. But even Blind Date has this air of unreality to it....

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Still more on Christopher Nance
Blogpulse notes that I am not the only one who has written about Christopher Nance's lawsuit. From their house in the middle of Franklin Avenue, the Franklin Avenuers said the following, in part:

Former KNBC weatherman Christopher Nance -- he of the ubiquitous carnation on his lapel, and equally ubiquitous sexual harrassment allegations -- has sued his former employer, claiming "racial and religious discrimination."

Nance was fired at the end of 2002; earlier that year, he was put on paid leave, as his relationship with an intern was investigated and while he dealt with other personal issues....

Nance now writes children's books, including "The Weatherman is Coming to my School Today," "If Not For Weather, We Would All Be Naked" (ewww)....

Huh? You can pay a guy to come to your school and sell books with the title "If Not For Weather, We Would All Be Naked?" Sounds creepy in a Gloved One sort of way. Well, here's the scoop from the Weatherdude himself:

A crazy title for a crazy funny book that is great to read out loud. Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Seuss, this story is written in the same style as those old, easy to read classics. Wahbah is the character who takes you through each page of text, as the reader laughs and learns at the same time.

And, if we all were naked, it would be easy to see all of the various body parts which Mr. Nance referenced at his former employer:

In an incident now legendary at the station, he once called a technical director a....

I already printed the entire quote twice. Here's one which, as of this year, is acceptable to quote in a family blog:

On yet another occasion, he shouted down the station's vice president--also female--vowing to "shove my foot so far up your ass you're going to taste shoe polish."

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An educational moment
In compliance with Congressperson Pelosi's guidelines at set forth by the Federal Blog Commission, this blog will now publish the nationally mandated educational content. Here is a recipe for flour gruel, courtesy Mr. Breakfast:

Here's a simple recipe for flour gruel:

2 teaspoons of flour
1 teaspoon of salt

Boil one cup water. Separately, drip water on flour and salt until it makes a paste. Add the paste to the boiling water. Stir to a semi-fluid consistency. Strain to eliminate film. Serve warm.

I will now return to my random postings.

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From Ari:

I should never bring a library book to a bar {relax, I wasn't planning on reading it there. C'mon}

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Answers to the question "What are you thinking?"
MSN has reprinted an article from match.com. It contains pre-fabricated answers that men can use when a woman asks, "What are you thinking?"

“By ‘thinking,’ do you mean the semi-ordered pattern of electrochemical impulses cascading through my brain at this very instant? If so....”

“I was just thinking what a terrible mistake it would be to repeal the NAFTA protocols pertaining to manufactured-goods tariffs....”

“What am I drinking? Just the usual....”

“Well, since you asked, I’m going to tell you. It seems like you’ve been putting on a little weight lately. Not that you’ve ever been really thin, but come on! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Your behind, I mean, not your front, your front is pretty OK. Now your friend Charlene, she’s someone who really knows how to stay in shape....”

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Friday, September 24, 2004

At One
When I veered off topic and segued from a Christopher Nance discussion into a Michael "the Maintenance Man" Burton discussion, I was reminded of a sound bite that Kevin and Bean were fond of playing. The text below is from a transcript of Minister Louis Farrakhan's remarks at the Million Man March.

I want to take one last look at the word atonement.

The first four letters of the word form the foundation; "a-t-o-n". . . "a-ton", "a-ton". Since this obelisk in front of us is representative of Egypt. In the 18th dynasty, a Pharaoh named Akhenaton, was the first man of this history period to destroy the pantheon of many gods and bring the people to the worship of one god. And that one god was symbolized by a sun disk with 19 rays coming out of that sun with hands holding the Egyptian Ankh - the cross of life. A-ton. The name for the one god in ancient Egypt. A- ton, the one god. 19 rays. Look at your scripture.

A woman, remember the nine, means somebody pregnant, with an idea. But, in this case, its a woman pregnant with a male child destined to rule the nations with a rod of iron. God is standing over her womb, and this child will be like the day sun, and he will say "I am the light of the world." Hands coming out of that sun, come unto me all ye that are heavy laden. I'm gonna give you rest, but I'm gonna give you life, because I am the resurrection and the life and if you believe in me, though you are dead, yet shall you live again.

You're dead, Black man. But if you believe in the god who created this sun of truth and of light with 19 rays, meaning he's pregnant with God's spirit, God's life, God's wisdom. Abraham Lincoln's statue, 19 feet high, 19 feet wide. Jefferson, 19 feet high, 16 (OFF-MIKE) and the third president, 19. Standing on the steps of the Capitol, in the light of the sun. Offering life to a people who are dead.

Black man, the a-ton represents the one God. In the Koran, Muhammad is called a light giving son. So if you look at the aton, add an "e" to it, and separate the "a" from the next four letters and you get the word a tone.

Atone means sound. And "a", the first letter of the alphabet and the first letter of the numerical system is one. So "a" equals one. So "a" sound means when you hear the "a" tone, you will hear the right sound. And when you hear the right sound from the one God calling you to divine life, you will respond. So what is the "a" tone? In music, a equals 440 vibrations. How long have we been in America? Four hundred and forty years.

Well, in the 440th year, from the one God, the Aton will come the a tone and all of us got to tune up our lives by the sound of the a tone. Because we've got to atone for all that we have done wrong. And when you atone, if you take the "t" and couple it with the "a" and hyphenate it, you get at one. So when you atone you become at one. At one with who? The Aton or the one God. Because you heard the a tone and you tuned up your life and now you're ready to make a new beginning.

Well, now that I'm quoting Louis Farrakhan's views on atonement on the afternoon before Yom Kippur, I should close with this:

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The low spark of high heeled boys
No, I'm talking about the other "traffic."

Checking the search inquiries to this blog: Jennifer Hawkins traffic is down; I'm getting searches regarding Hurricane Ivan damage in Niceville (something I never wrote about, but go here if you're interested); I'm still getting Rick James hits (pardon the pun)...

...and the Dave Kampel and Angi Taylor searches continue. However, I haven't seen any reports of Taylor landing a Chicago job. In fact, she's disappeared from the news, as far as I can tell.

Someone should tell Angi that Clear Channel's "Clear Careers" website lists three jobs in Chicago:

Job ID: 2359 Last Updated: 11/24/2003
Clear Channel Chicago (Radio Stations WGCI, WVAZ, WNUA, WLIT, WKSC and WRLL) is accepting resumes for Account Executives.
Job Title: Account Executive
Location: Chicago, IL
Industry: Radio
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Requirements: We are searching for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, resourceful, goal orientated individual who thrives in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Successful candidate must be able to prospect, market, sell and offer outstanding client service.
Education Requirements:

Job ID: 4071 Last Updated: 7/26/2004
Job Description: Premiere Radio Networks is looking for a Sales Assistant to be responsible for performing a variety of administrative duties in support of two to three account executives. Creativity, organization and initiative are required. Position available immediately. Developing and implementing sales presentations. Requesting and assessing research. Preparing sales reports. Organization of special projects / events. Maintaining continuity of office operations during Account Executive’s absence. Scheduling travel. Writing orders / handling discrepancies. Correspondence. Phone coverage and customer contact.
Job Title: Sales Assistant
Location: Chicago, IL
Industry: Radio
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Requirements: Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Strong communication skills. Organized, self-starter. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Strong phone skills. TO APPLY: Send a cover letter and resume to msnyder@premiereradio.com Equal Opportunity Employer.
Education Requirements: Bachelor Degree preferred.

Job ID: 4104 Last Updated: 7/29/2004
Clear Channel Entertainment is the world’s largest diversified promoter, producer and presenter of live entertainment properties including music events, theatrical productions, family entertainment and Motor and Action Sports events. Clear Channel Entertainment is a division of Clear Channel Worldwide. Currently we are seeking a dynamic individual to join our team as the Box Office Manager at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park,IL and the Alpine Valley Amphitheater in Milwaukee, WI. This position is responsible for management of all venue Box Office operations and activities in the amphitheatres as well as the surrounding market. This includes the following duties and responsibilities: * Development and implementation of all Box Office procedures and policies * All reporting, record keeping, accounting for Box Office * Management of all necessary compliance requirements * Maintaining TM relationship and working with local TM office to ensure manifest development, ticketing, on sales, etc. * Provide accurate audits and other reports required by artist management and settlement staff *Hiring, Training, and Managing all Box Office employees including both full and part-time positions. * All other necessary duties and responsibilities as determined by Executive Director Please apply w/salary requirements to cce-jobs@clearchannel.com
Job Title: Box Office Manager
Location: Chicago, IL
Industry: Entertainment
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Requirements: Two to three years previous box office experience, including supervisory experience, in similar facility environment required.
Education Requirements: Bachelor's degree in business management or related field preferred.
Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, ESPP, 401k, EAP, Paid Vacation and Sick Leave.

Happy to help...

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A Missed Opportunity
Yesterday I wanted to write a KOER appearance by David Dreier, accompanied by an unidentified guitarist, singing a song called "War Train" that detailed Dreier's plans for a successful re-election campaign.

But I didn't.

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Cynthia Matthews on Immigration
Excerpts from her website:

We are literally drowning in a flood of foreign labor. And instead of throwing the hard-working men and women of our district a life preserver or a safety line, Representative Dreier is shoving a hose down our throats.

Instead of a safety line, the only line we are being offered is the corporate line – that free trade agreements like NAFTA and FTAA, and legislation like HB-1, will result in both cheap consumer goods and more jobs for Californians....

Dreier’s belief that cheaper consumer goods would become available to us here if corporations were allowed to send jobs overseas has simply not come to pass in our district. I know many working families for whom recently buying new school clothes, shoes, and supplies for their children was a serious financial burden. These foreign-produced necessities were not necessarily “cheap” in price. However, some were certainly “cheap” in quality....

Trade agreements written, championed, and endorsed by Rep. Dreier have resulted in manufacturing jobs being exported to overseas interests. His support of foreign worker visas has led to many of our white-collar tech workers being replaced by imported foreign nationals....

I have met many honest employers in our district - men and women who provide jobs to our community and that only employ documented workers. They have told me about the comparative disadvantage that they are suffering due to competition that is allowed to employ undocumented labor.

American workers and documented foreign workers work just as hard and skillfully as any undocumented worker. There is no disadvantage there. The disadvantage lies in the failure of our state and federal authorities to both enforce labor laws already on the books, and to develop new policies to deal with our current crisis. The failure of our government to punish those who employ undocumented workers has resulted in honest businesses being disadvantaged when competing with those who pay illegally low wages, pay no workers’ compensation insurance, offer no benefits, and shield their workplaces from unions and other agencies....

The plight of Mexican migrant workers is understandable. Any man faced with a situation in which he cannot support his family cannot be attacked for trying to provide for them by any means necessary. Mexican migrant workers are being exploited both by the Coyotes that help them illegally cross the border, and by the companies that employ them. Their condition requires sympathy. However, it is a simple fact that the state of California can no longer afford to allow this crisis to persist....

On the issue of undocumented immigrants obtaining drivers licenses - due to National security issues it is imperative that we ensure any persons seeking legal documents have their citizenship verified for our safety as well as the safety of those who protect us.

[OE UPDATE 11/1/2004]

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Christopher Nance Update (with a reference to Michael Burton)
Thirteen days ago, I started writing about eharmony.com and ended up writing about the bad behavior of former KNBC weatherman Christopher Nance. For example, I quoted this:

At NBC4, according to numerous current and former employees, Nance has developed a reputation for profane and menacing off-air behavior, marked by sexual innuendo and violent outbursts. In an incident now legendary at the station, he once called a technical director a "cunt" in front of the morning crew, reducing her to tears. He had the same effect on a well-known anchor, telling her "fuck you" as she sat at the news desk. On yet another occasion, he shouted down the station's vice president--also female--vowing to "shove my foot so far up your ass you're going to taste shoe polish." The most frightening allegation involves a woman who became romantically involved with Nance near the beginning of his NB[C.sub.4] tenure, sometimes meeting him at the station for their trysts. She later accused Nance of attacking her, first with punches and kicks, then by squeezing his hands around her neck....

Eventually, Nance was fired:

Popular Los Angeles weatherman Christopher Nance was fired shortly before the new year after developing "a reputation for profane and menacing off-air behavior, marked by sexual innuendo and violent outbursts," reports Los Angeles magazine.

KNBC President and General Manager Paula Madison fired the station's only African American weekday anchor over what Nance claimed in the Los Angeles Times were unfounded allegations of sexual harassment involving an intern.

Well, it turns out that there's an update to this story. According to L.A. Observed:

Former channel 4 weathercaster Christopher Nance alleges that the station, which fired him in 2002, discriminated on the basis of race (he's African American) and subjected him to ridicule for his religious practices, which included reading the Bible. He filed in L.A. Superior Court on Tuesday.

To radio listeners, this may sound a tad (pardon the unrelated pun) familiar. Although the complete story of Michael Burton's lawsuit against KROQ may no longer be available, I did find this short summary:

12. What happened to Michael the Maintenance Man?
He sued KROQ for racial and religious discrimination after they fired him (the firing was possibly a joke that he took seriously). It appears that it has been settled out of court already. See the web site at http://shuster.com/kroq/ for a very complete page about the whole subject.

A visit today to shuster.com yielded this important information:


Of course, if you had asked me about this on November 27, 2003, I could have provided you with more extensive information from laradio.com:

Burton, Michael: KROQ, 1990-95. Michael "the maintenance man" left the Kevin & Bean morning show in the fall of 1995 and filed a wrongful-termination suit charging the station with racial and religious discrimination. The suite was settled in late 1996 with both parties prohibited from revealing financial details.

However, Burton was never accused of behaving badly. I actually met him at a KROQ appearance years ago, and he seemed like a nice guy. For those who don't recall, he got his start by rapping the weather to a musical track from Tone Loc's "Wild Thing." His best (?) moment was his cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing." At some point he became a Muslim (man, I have more Muslim news than Serial Blogonomy has Mormon news), and got into some sort of argument with Kevin and Bean at some remote (was it at the O.J. trial? I can't remember).

Back to Nance - here's the Reuters/Hollywood Reporter version, which again fails to mention the well-documented allegations against Nance:

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Former KNBC-TV weathercaster Christopher Nance has sued his former employers in Los Angeles and NBC Inc. for allegdly firing him to cover up the fact that he was subjected to racial and religious discrimination at work.

KNBC officials said the case was without merit and that they expect to prevail.

After being fired Dec. 27, 2002, Nance filed a discrimination complaint with the California Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing. That agency granted him the right to sue in January.

Nance, who is African-American, filed the claim Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that he was discriminated against on the basis of his race and subjected to ridicule for his religious practices, which included reading the Bible at work.

Even on the weatherdude.com site, Nance shows a...um...bit of non-sunny bitterness:

Some of you have called and mailed to tell me that the L.A. Times did not mention me or my booth in any of their publications this year. Now you know why I take the Daily News. I don't know why the L.A. Times left me out but that has happened to me before....

I will not be doing the BOOKS BY THE BAY in San Francisco in the future. There is a reason why that event is not drawing large crowds and I'm sorry to say I discovered first hand the reasons why.

In closing I must say many of you have shared with me very mean and negative things about my former employer NBC. This is not God like nor is it what I expect from Fans, Friends or Family. There is poor management in many businesses but calling them names won't fix things. With the exception of my law suite (sic) against that network, I am done with NBC and I had 18 good years there but I am happier with my life now than ever before and like the path God has put me on. I don't need to learn about negative calls or letters you have addressed to NBC on my behalf. Thank you for caring but understand my life is very good....

Nance apparently continues to provide speaking services, including a speaking engagement entitled Being a Christian Today:

Do you feel invaded by Shock TV and Shock Radio. Are you fearful of sitting down with your family to watch television, with concern that your children will be bombarded with partial nudity and foul language? You do have rights that will give you power. You can put the networks on notice that you are fed up with their loose morals and shameless behavior. They need you more than you need them. You will love this assembly!

Now, before we all guffaw at the apparent hypocrisy of Mr. "C@nt/F@ck You/Shove My Foot Up Your A@@" speaking against foul language, or make comparisons to Mr. Family Values David Dreier, we have to be honest and admit that WE do not always practice what we preach. And, as Tone Loc would say, "Funky cold medina" (whatever that means).

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