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Monday, September 18, 2006

Another example of my non-trendiness 

So I live vicariously through the lives of others attending a rave...in Vermont:

During: oh man, it was so great....I king of spun near the table all mu crud was on cause it was really dark, and not many people were there, but i got sooo many compliments from people. I was so happy, all my practice wasn't in vain....

During one song, i dont remember which, a giiiiant circle formed. Like, everyone formed this circle, and of course people were going in and stuff while everyone cheered, and Eddie told me i should go in but i was like "^_^;;;" but after someone came out and no one was going in, Ryan basiclly pushed me in. Lol, so i started spinning and everyone cheered, oh man.. it was so great. I didn't mess up at all while i was in there, and when i got back out a bunch of people were liek "DUDE! That was CRAZY!" lol. i felt really awesome, hahaa....

aaanyway, the last hour finially came around but i was sooo exhausted. Spinning takes so much out of you, x_x.. but yeah, i was so tired, and then i heard Boten Anna comming in and suddenly i had an explosion of energy and i went up to the front where the Djing table was and danced like a mad-woman. Our whole crew went nuts when it came on and we all hyped the croud for it, it was so fun....

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Just reading about it makes me want to pass out. I need a Xanax.
There are times when I want to go to Ibiza...

...and there are times when I want to go to the Denny's in Baker, California.
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