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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Speed, Terrorism, and Pledge 

Please read this joke over at Sweeter Than Ever.

And for another joke, see how Blogs for Bush portrays the Supremes' decision on Guantanamo as "a victory for the terrorists." (As the politically incorrect Barbie would say, "Charges are hard.")

And Outside the Beltway links to an ad for an Electoral College game.

Give me an E!

Give me an L!

Which brings up another joke:

Moments after giving a celebratory speech to announce his victory in the 2004 Presidential Election, President George W. Bush made another, more unexpected announcement. “It’s been a magnificent first four years, and I’m excited to begin my second term,” the President said. “And this time around, I plan on pledging a fraternity here in the Electoral College.”...

"Throughout his first term, the president kept asking us when he could pledge a fraternity at the Electoral College. We assumed he was joking, just like we were jokinjg when we told him he could do it after his first term. You know, like how college freshmen sometimes have to wait until the second semester of their freshman year. Well, we thought he knew we were kidding. We were wrong."...

“Since President Bush thinks he’s pledging this fraternity, he figured that his ‘big brother’ was naturally the last man to hold his position, and that puts our opposing party in quite a pickle,” Card went on to explain. “Because this means that President Clinton will now have to move back into the White House, or at least come by for keggers on Saturday nights. It’s doomed to be quite awkward.”

But regardless of the quandary being handed to the Democrats, the one man directly affected by the potential bipartisan partying is not the least bit fazed. “Sounds good to me,” said former President Bill Clinton, sipping a Fribble through a crazy straw. “Three years after 9-11, the American people need to do what’s right for our country, even if it means crossing party lines, pardon the pun. And if I don’t act as George’s big brother and show him the right way to kick a keg, then the terrorists have already won.”

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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