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Friday, July 07, 2006


Allmusic's verdict (although I think that "Oh No" and "Shout" are on the same level):

Shout was Devo's sixth studio album, and the last they would record before a five-year layoff, and while it's pure speculation if the making of this disc had anything to do with that decision, from a creative standpoint this represents the low point of the group's first era....

Shout is so slick and glossy one could fry an egg on its surfaces, and that isn't a good thing — with the exception of "Puppet Boy" and "Please Please," this music is carefully processed synth pop with all human surfaces stripped away....

It might have helped if the group had come up with a batch of interesting songs, but that sure wasn't the case....

Incidentally, according to allmusic, no one has ever covered Devo's "C'mon". Pity, since it's kinda sorta '60s-'80s groovy, like "Sexi Luv" on Total Devo.

Incidentally Skeleteen says this about Shout:

25 Devo - Here to Go 12" single
Singles from the Shout LP. Not the best Devo record but not the worst....

Also see [1] [2] [3] [4] plus [5a] and [5b]

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

Harumph. I must admit ONID is my fave album, New Traditionalists and Shout are equal as second faves.

Circumstances turned me off to "Oh No It's Devo." I was in college radio at the time, and was feeling sick, but went to do my show anyway. I was confronted by a 12" single with pictures of devils, and an (in my view) disjointed and irritating song in which buzzing sounds were interspersed with "Ha ha ha ha!" laughs. That can sour you on something mighty quick.
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