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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ah, maybe I'll post this...BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE DOES!!! 

Continuing on the "fired blogger" theme, I looked at Michael Hanscomb's MySpace profile for the first time. I was intrigued by one item in his entry about his high school:

Bartlett High School 1987-1991
Anchorage, Alaska
Graduated: 1991
Student status: Alumni
Degree: High School Diploma
Clubs: German Club, Theater, Yearbook, Apathy Club, Orchestra, Choir, Swing Choir (Bear-A-Tones)

I don't know about you, but "Apathy Club" hit me right between the eyes. Get an intelligent person in an apathy club, and what could happen? Well, Michael told us in his blog:

My junior year, I was part of the infamous Apathy Club. While initially formed by Royce and a couple others as an excuse to hang out after school and watch movies (Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Strange Brew, and other such classic fare), in a feat that called question to our name, we actually managed to collect more cans in the annual canned food drive than the German Club, who had never been beat before.

Which is probably why he was not a member in his senior year.

The Urban Dictionary includes a number of usage examples for "apathy club," but this one is probably my favorite:

I was going to start an apathy club, but then i.....yeah....

There is an apathy club blog. I need another character set to read it, but I don't feel like researching the whole issue.

And someone started an apathy club in college:

I was sitting in a student lounge...reading a booklet from the Campus Life office...it included descriptions of all the available extracurricular activities, campus groups, and so on...I turned the page and found a section titled “How to form your own University-recognized organization”...Turns out, all one needed to do was to submit a form at the Student Activities office.... I couldn’t resist..... I completed the form with my name, address, phone number, and campus mailbox address…..

As the name of the club, I selected, “Apathy Club”..... over the years, I would get mail or phone calls from people asking to join the club.... It was much fun…. why, I bet I easily had as many as 43 inquiries in some months, about how people could join the club.

I eventually sought election as the Student Body President.... in my remarks to the campus newspaper, under a question about previous campus activities, I indicated that I was President of the Apathy club....I could go on with the stories... we had pictures in the yearbook.... one year, it was an empty room.... the next year, it was a gigantic lecture hall with a single guy in the center, fast asleep.... We’d set up a table at Activity Fairs... and put nothing on the table, beyond the sign identifying the name of the group.....

One other university may or may not have had an apathy club.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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