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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Put your money where your mouth is 

The reason that there isn't universal rejection of illegal immigration is that even the most vocal opponents benefit from it:

Even those who oppose illegal immigrants turn to the [Laguna Beach, California day labor] center for their business -- a sign that the road to resolving the illegal immigrant problem will be tortuous.

"I don't think these people should be here because they are illegal, they are breaking the law," Jeff Hillman said as he picked up a day laborer to dig a hole for $12 an hour, almost twice California's minimum wage.

The chosen laborer, Marcos Jimenez from Mexico, heard Hillman's opinion and jumped out of his truck with a slam of the door.

"If he doesn't want to give work to an illegal immigrant, why doesn't he go hire a white guy, an American citizen, someone who speaks English better?" Jimenez said in Spanish.

Hillman, who does construction in Laguna Beach, admitted to the contradiction, but said: "The competition is doing it and I need to stay competitive. They do it, so I do it once in a while too."

No other laborer at the center agreed to work for him that day.

As of a few minutes ago, no one had reported Jeff Hillman to wehirealiens.com. However, this case seems to be fairly well documented.

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