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Monday, January 16, 2006

Krystal Fernandez and Andrew Siciliano Back On The Air, Somewhere... 

The following two posts have appeared on Yahoo. Post 136:

From: "tbranan"
Date: Fri Jan 6, 2006 5:04 pm
Subject: Krystal and Andrew together again!!!

Andrew just said on the Extravaganza that he and Krystal will be back
together starting Monday. They will be taking Shemon and J-Dub's
place from 6-9PM Eastern [sic - see below]. Shemon and Washington will be doing "Out of
Bounds" in the Extravaganza's old spot. Finally, more Krystal than
just updates!

And here's message 137:

From: "sportsprincess971"
Date: Fri Jan 6, 2006 5:47 pm
Subject: Hello everybody

Well, someone beat me to it. I was going to let you all know that
Andrew and I are back on. We will be together starting Monday. 4PM-
7PM Pacific.
Hope you guys will be listening!

Talk soon!

Here are portions of an undated Fox Sports Radio schedule:

The First Team on Fox with Steve Czaban
Monday-Friday 6am-9am, ET
Steve Czaban presides over the quintessential morning show for the male sports fan. It is sports? Of course. But it's also a lot more. Things like female eye candy, gambling, electronics, office politics, random yada yada, pop culture, and "all the news that matters to Czabe." The First Team starts the day, going fearlessly into sports topics few shows dare to explore.
Out of Bounds on Fox with Craig Shemon & James Washington
Monday-Friday 9am-12pm, ET
“The Odd Couple” of sports radio, straight man Craig Shemon is joined by James Washington, probably the wildest member of the great Dallas Cowboy teams that won three Super Bowls in the 1990’s. Washington spent years hitting the town with acclaimed partiers like “The Playmaker.” Michael Irvin, and made one of the most crucial plays in Cowboys history by returning Thurman Thomas’ third quarter fumble for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXVIII. When these two opposites get together, it makes for great radio.

The Drive on FOX with Chris Myers and Bryan Cox
Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm, ET
Chris Myers and former NFL star Bryan Cox bring the Fox brand and attitude to the radio airwaves on “The Drive.” The program features interviews with the biggest names in sports, insightful expert commentary, and fan reaction from around the country.

Fox GameTime Live with Andrew Siciliano
Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm, ET
After five years as the Co-Host of the Extravaganza on Fox, Andrew Siciliano moves to the captain’s chair on Fox GameTime Live. In addition to interaction with Andrew on the hottest sports topics of the day, listeners are treated with constant live updates of the biggest games from our vast network of reporters.

KAVL in Lancaster still has an old schedule which lists David Stein, Andrew Siciliano and Krystal Fernandez in the morning slot. As you know, that lineup changed in November 2005.

And as for KLAC, they can't even spell "Jim".


Fox Sports Radio 1AM-4:30AM
Mancow's Morning Madhouse 4:30-9AM
Jime Rome 9AM-Noon
Loose Cannons 12Noon-4PM
Good Times 4PM-7PM
Phil Hendrie 7PM-10PM
Lee Klein 10PM-1AM

Loose Cannons, by the way, is an enjoyable show, but if you don't like Vic the Brick, stay away.

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

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