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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Was Giving Myself the Flu 

Remember my recent post about Lindsay Lohan? I never got around to running the retraction:

In a statement obtained by TEEN PEOPLE, Lindsay Lohan is denying claims made in February's Vanity Fair cover story that she had an eating disorder last spring. "The words that I gave to the writer for Vanity Fair were misused and misconstrued, and I'm appalled with the way it was done," Lohan, 19, wrote in an e-mail dated January 9....

"Aside from [the writer's] lies and changing of my words," Lohan said in the statement, "I am blessed to have this job and wonderful family that I do." Her publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, tells TEEN PEOPLE that Lohan does not have bulimia now, nor did she ever.

A rep for Vanity Fair tells TEEN PEOPLE, "Evgenia Peretz is one of our most reliable reporters. Every word Lindsay Lohan told her is on tape. Vanity Fair stands by the story."

Meanwhile, Egotastic and A Socialite's Life are printing pictures of Lindsay Lohan carrying a copy of said Vanity Fair. She was probably carrying those so that she wouldn't be caught with Hilary Duff magazine pictures.

But Cameron Rush is offering sage advice:

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

So sorry to hear you are upset that Vanity Fair published your celebrity profile in which you admit to being bulimic and using drugs. Here's a thought: the next time you sit down for a major interview with a reporter who is holding a recording device, try not to be stoned out of your mind.

Regards, Cameron

From the Ontario Empoblog (Latest OVVA news here)

My trackback ping to Socialite Life was denied "for questionable content." Love it.
Funny. I was seriously anorexic for many years (I weighed 73 lbs in college) which is different from bulimia, but related. Everybody in the world knew she was sick without her telling us, but she did tell us, and that's that.
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